The Investor Of Dang Xa Urban Gets The “Difficulty” In Calling For Socialization Of Shools

According to the investor of Dang Xa urban area (Gia Lam, Hanoi), due to not having the experience in the organization and management of educational works, the complete investment of the schools is also delayed.

It is hard to call for investment in schools in the form of socialization

Implementing of surveys on the implementation of the policy of the law on planning and construction of the social infrastructure in urban areas, high-rise residential area in the city, the social culture of organization and society of people’s council of Hanoi have just had the reality check in Dang Xa new urban, Gia Lam.

In the reality check, reporting to the surveyors, the representative of the investor of Dang Xa urban area (Gia Lam) said, up to date, the unit has made investments in construction of the social infrastructure (schools, amusement, cultural house, community place) in accordance with the approved plan. The area of social work, community activities and parking ensure that the design is approved by authorities.

Dang Xa urban area

Dang Xa urban area

Specifically, at present, there is 1 kindergarten which is directly built by the investor that is developed in 2013 in accordance with the capacity and effective activities. On the first floor of the high-rise apartment blocks has the community room, parking for bikes, motorcycles. The community rooms are invested where the residents can meet and it is a place concentrating on the civil groups and organizations in the residential area.

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According to this unit, in the process of implementing, the investor didn’t make planning adjustments related to the changes in social infrastructure works when doing projects in the urban area and high-rise residential area.

However, due to not having the experience in the organization and management of educational works, so the complete investment of schools is also delayed. Up to now, the unit just completed the construction and investment that was only 1 kindergarten, there are 1 kindergarten and 1 primary school and1 high school which are not yet called in the form of socialization.

Besides, according to the representative of the investor, the management operation groups have not been effective, human resource is not stable. Management and operation companies of the urban are not balanced on the financial income, service fees. Therefore, at present, the investor must compensate for the activities of enterprises of urban management.

The investor petitions Gia Lam district and Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in supporting to call for socializing and introducing the investors having the investment experience, constructive management for the missing schools. In addition, there are mechanisms to support the operation of the wastewater treatment station of the urban area, environmental monitoring periodically every year to ensure the compliance with the law on the protection of the environment.

The lack of synchronization of the infrastructure

Attending the inspection delegation, Mr. Van HocTruong – Deputy Chairman of Gia Lam district said, it is the municipality having the fairly complete design with green infrastructure and good environment rate. The investor also has the responsibility for the investment to management and operation.

Dang Xa urban area

A corner of Dang Xa urban area, Gia Lam, Hanoi.

In the meeting, the surveyors have recorded, in the progress of implementing the project, the investor has made in accordance with the approved plan, the entire planning area for the construction of social infrastructure including construction of schools is retained and there is no adjustment.

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However, in the investment in social infrastructure including the schools are not yet interested in sync; planning process does not account for all the factors such as market, the cultural house, the community … the technical infrastructure has not been perfected in accordance with the approved design.

Determining the construction of the school is one of the first factors, the surveyors suggested the Department of planning and investment putting 4 missing schools in the category of calling for the investment to accelerate the schedule on implementation.

 Besides, they also suggested investors continuing to concern with social security issues such as the issue of clean water, security… especially they need to perfect the level of Red Book profile for households.

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