The Land Of Ho Chi Minh City Hands Over Thousands Of Hectares, When Checking Is Only A Few Hundred Hectare

The land of Ho Chi Minh city hands over having the area of several thousands of hectares; however, there are only a few hundred hectares when checking. Even the recovery to the auction is also hard due to these elements of history.

According to the report of the Department of natural resources of Ho Chi Minh, the city currently has 746 land areas having not to be legal to use the land and is assigned for the management of State agencies. However, according to recent survey results, there has a lot of the Land Funds on the Ho Chi Minh City for the rental business being used waste, the deserted places do not use for right purposes. There are many public lands are bleeding and leaving the “scar” on the large areas.

Handing over the thousands of hectares, there has only a few hundred when checking

According to preliminary figures from the Department of natural resources about the allocation of public land management, the MTV company limited of management business managed 110 areas; the MTV company limited of public services managed 636 areas. In addition, the city also has 224 public lands is used to manage by other used land units, and there has not yet no legal to use the land.

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In those of land, many areas are being used wrongly or abandoned causing the waste. Even, there are places where business has arbitrarily “cut” of land to deliver for public officials. Many places are occupied illegally by the people.

Furthermore, many businesses expired to rent or incorrect use which is recovered land, but they don’t enforce the decision. This leads to the recovery of the land which was long many years.

For example, the area of land is 1700 sqm of land located in the facades Pham Van Dong (District 3) is managed by the company limited of industrial of Saigon. This land has been abandoned for many years.

Similarly, the land of agricultural Corporation in Saigon (Sagri) on the managed book has the area of about 6600 hectares, but through checking, there have only 550 hectares of land.

Ho Chi Minh Land

Chart of total public land area

Or the land has the area of more than 2000 sqm land located in no.360 Hanoi Highway (District 9). This land was given to Colas Company hiring to do workshops, places of business, but when it is time to pay the land, this business arbitrarily to other businesses hiring again.

In 2016, Ho Chi Minh has established the auction procedures revoking 108 lands, with the total area of more than 213 hectares, but so far they just recovered and received 88 lands with the area of over 204 hectares.

 Also in this year, the Department of natural resources has 3 times giving the documentary to suggest people’s committee of 24 areas performing the inspection. Up to now, the agency has received the reports of 21 areas except for District 1, Binh Chanh district and Can Gio.

Mr. Nguyen Van Dung, head of the economic budget of the HCM City People’s Council frankly said: “The public land is very limited, but not abundant anymore. Current forms of land-use investment are difficult. The land has a favorable location has been used almost all the partners to develop the city. Therefore, each district, department of specialties must advise city leaders to exploit all potential, this resource to serve the development of the city.

Difficult to recover because of historical factors

The lesson for Ho Chi Minh City is more than 15 years ago, Nguyen Huu Tho Nguyen Van Linh Avenue to Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park, Nha Be district, 7.5 km long clearance is 210m wide on both sides of the route. The total area of expanded land is 68.7 hectares. From this land fund, the authorities only held auction 48.7 hectares, the total proceeds of 22 million USD.

Most recently, the auction of gold land 23 Le Duan, District 1 has collected huge amounts of money for the state budget. The 55 x 55m square-foot auction with the starting price of 25,4 million USD attracted 13 participants. After 16 rounds, the land was found the owner with record amount collected 65 million USD.

However, this is not easy to do with the rest. Even, the Leader of Committee of the House hands over for the land fund development center and requires to process quickly to create sources for the city but there entangled many inadequacies.

 According to Circular 83/2007 of the Ministry of finance, the heads of administrative departments, business units, State enterprises have to make relocating households, individuals outing of the campus housing facility. The supported cost of relocation (if any) determined by the specific provisions on compensation and the support of local.

However, currently, the state’s enterprises are managing and using this land only to hand over the premises for the Land Fund Development Center. Besides, there have no plans to relocate the families, individuals who are living residence as defined above.

Mr. Toan Thang Nguyen – Director of the Department of natural resources of Ho Chi Minh said: “The policy of Ho Chi Minh City is the desire to have large land resources to conduct investment or auction; however, the relocating households are entangled on the procedure. In particular, making the 23rd decision on the relocation of people’s committee of Ho Chi Minh has not adjusted in the 9th decision of Prime minister, so it is too hard to solve. Hoping that Ho Chi Minh has the proper policies to support the Department of natural resources dismantling the obstacles inherent as soon as possible”

Ho Chi Minh Land

A public land on Pham Van Dong Street (Binh Thanh) is being used to raise pigs

Another problem in the management and exploitation of public land in Ho Chi Minh city is the land auction regulations which are tangled. Many units can conduct the land auction procedures causing the large overlap and losses. Therefore, it needs to focus on the implementation to make correctly procedure and stipulation of the law. Auction rules need to be clear divisions, and for the units are not the Land Fund Development Center, there is allowed to auction.

According to the leader of the Department of natural resources, currently, in the waiting time for the auction of the property, the Land Fund Development Center (rental) increases the temporary revenues to the budget. They also committed that the layout land for the unit in the Department of natural resources is not rent or use the wrong function.

Currently, this center is organizing the short-term exploitation 42 land areas with the total area of 24.2 hectares. From 2013 to now, there has revenue source about 1,700,000 USD which is delivered to the state budget. Estimating to make in 2017 is 850,000 USD for the budget.

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