The Landmark 81 and the pride of the Vietnamese work

The Landmark 81 – the tallest building in Vietnam and the 8th highest in the world since the commencement of construction, is a proud project of Vietnamese.

Interesting figures behind the Landmark 81th Century

– The Landmark 81 is the tallest building in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, the eighth tallest in the world (starting from the start of construction), the investor of the project is Vingroup Group, general contractor is Coteccons. Both are Vietnamese companies and corporations.

– The design of The Landmark building is inspired by the bundle of Vietnamese bamboo.

– The height of the 81st is 461.2m, so high that you can see this building at the farthest reaches of Ho Chi Minh City.

According to Realestatevietnam  information, Vingroup’s investor has selected Coteccons as the general contractor for the construction of The Landmark 81 project because of the desire of Vietnam we will have a century construction works by the Vietnamese themselves. It can be said that the problem of building The Landmark is no longer a word or a loss anymore, but also the face of the people of Vietnam. The countries with strong construction industry can do the Vietnam we will also do. Vingroup’s wish came true when The Landmark 81 officially opened the first category with Vincom Center Landmark 81 (located in the building block). It is expected that in the fourth quarter of this year, all remaining buildings will be operational.


In many people’s minds, The Landmark 81 has truly become a symbol of Ho Chi Minh City

The following details of the success of The Landmark 81 include:

  • The total floor area of ​​about 115,000 sqm
  • The area of ​​the tunnel is approximately 90,000 sqm
  • The foundation is about 75 m deep
  • Concrete more than 100,000 m3 of concrete
  • Steel is about 80,000 tons of steel
  • Started in December 2016
  • Roofing in February 2018, 60 days ahead of schedule.
  • It is also the world’s fastest construction tower when it only takes 3.5 days to complete a floor.
  • There are no safety issues during construction.

The Landmark 81 – The building of the record series

If Dubai has the Burj Khalifa, Malaysia’s Twin Towers Petronas, Singapore Marina Bay Sand, now Vietnam we are proud of international friends referred to the 461.2 m high The Landmark 81 – the top 10 buildings the world’s highest. This is a complex with a total floor area of ​​115,000 sqm and 90,000 sqmof tunnel area.

At present, The Landmark 81 sets a series of new records such as the tallest apartment in Vietnam with the most modern elevator with city view, the highest class club, the most fashionable shopping paradise , infinity pool with the most beautiful view, the largest indoor ice rink … In addition, with the highlight is the highest observation tower in Vietnam, using the system Low E glass and water purification standards Europe, The Landmark 81 has raised the standard of quality real estate and built to new heights … Especially, this “whole” works is entirely done by the Vietnamese contractor – Coteccons.

Standing on the floor 81 – “roof of the VN”, Nguyen Duc Hoan, formwork workers from the early days, when he was new to the construction site he was afraid of not doing such a monumental work. Not to mention the building architecture is too complex, construction techniques completely new compared to the construction of high-rise apartment buildings. However, when trained by technical engineers every day, people quickly understand and catch up on work. Especially, the organization of construction, labor safety of the project is very good so you feel more comfortable working.

“Up to now, when the construction was over the roof, very happy, take the children across the landmark just pointing to the Landmark 81, proud to say that the big, beautiful work by the hands of three and thousands of work. Other people make, “said Hoan said and eyes can not hide happiness.

The Landmark 81 - The building of the record series

The Landmark 81 – The building of the record series

Sympathy, engineer Nguyen Phuc Thanh, deputy director of the site told about the first time people receive the project extremely pressure. The time limit is too high while the construction methods required to be absolutely absolute and in particular to ensure labor safety. But thanks to the world’s leading technology, the Landmark 81 achieves 3 to 3.5 days per floor, twice as short as conventional construction methods. At times, about 3,000 workers work around the clock, turning this place into a modern construction site in Vietnam.

The landmark of The Landmark 81 is to take the roof

The landmark of The Landmark 81 is to take the roof, bringing the Vietnamese construction industry to a new, higher and farther.

Many of the technologies used in The Landmark 81 were first applied in Vietnam. Coteccons engineers are sent to France, Sweden, Japan, Korea, Singapore …. Their job is to understand and communicate the techniques to workers.

“Every day, my colleagues and I have to coach each detail thoroughly. Fortunately, the workers are hard, more “high profile” so everyone is eager to learn. Work slowly but more smoothly, “Thanh shared. He also added to the Landmark 81 “most”: the fastest, highest, most complex and safest.

Mission of the construction industry of Vietnam

For Vietnamese contractors, a successful project, in addition to the completion of construction, it is important that the project must ensure occupational safety. In high-rise projects, this is a huge challenge. By the time of takeoff, The Landmark 81 had reached over 9 million construction hours without accidents.

Historical moment when the last spire was installed

Historical moment when the last spire was installed, bringing The Landmark into the history of construction industry

“Instead of using a classic rail, Coteccons uses three times as much coverage as Korea’s mesh to ensure maximum safety for workers. In addition, the building uses state-of-the-art technology, particularly the Kum Kang sliding form from Korea, the Peri shifter system from Germany, “explains Nguyen Phuc Thanh. Coteccons has also invited the world’s leading labor safety expert, Wayne Harris, a generation of three generations who work in occupational safety at a number of major and world-renowned works on Take on this project.

Following the meeting with Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong, Chairman of Coteccons Company in London (UK), for the will and willingness of the investor and contractor in Landmark 81 project he accepted the Vietnam, participate. supervise this work.

“This one of the buildings has a very secure time – up to 9 million hours. You have shown me the youth, the stature of the Vietnamese is not inferior to any country, including the world power, “said Wayne Harris.

With the success of The Landmark 81 project, Coteccons in particular and the construction industry in Vietnam generally proud to step into new development. Vietnamese people believe in their hands, their brains can take on the world’s top works. The name and position of the company has not stopped at the domestic scope but beyond the territory, realize the dream of conquering the sea.

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