The Linh Dam Peninsula’s Urban Area Is Miserable Because Of Being Water-Short

Thousands of inhabitants of the Linh Dam Peninsula’s urban area (Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi City) are miserable because of being continuously water-short.

Have to take a shower in the motel!

Coming into use for over 10 years, the Linh Dam Peninsula’s urban area (an investor is Housing and Urban Development Corporation– HUD), is thought to be a model of a civilizable and modern urban area. But nearly last 3 months, the life of thousands inhabitant in No 4, No 6A, No 6B, No 8, No 9A, No 9B, No 10 Condominium of this urban area are upset because of being water-short.

Mr. Dang Ngoc Soi, Head in Management of No 8 Condominium said that from about the end of July to now, most of those above condominiums’ underground tanks don’t nearly have clean water. The Management of No 8 Building gives some complaints to water supply unit which is The Enterprise 1 of Housing and Urban Services Company Limited (HUDS, HUD’s sub-company) but still doesn’t have a specific method to solve the problem. “HUDS commits to supply 5 trucks of clean water for people but it’s just enough to adopt the necessary need. Water for taking a shower, washing clothes, cooking doesn’t nearly have, condominiums have to buy expensive bottled water or eat outside” said by Mr. Soi.

Linh Dam apartment lacked water

Some residents in Linh Dam Peninsular is convinced that the clean water supply system invested by HUDS for many years is now degraded.

“My wife has to bring 2 kids to maternal grandparent’s house in Dong Da District and I take a shower at the office. The paternal grandparent gets some water from the truck to bathe temporarily. If we want to take a bath, we have to go to the motel. Our clothes have to be washed at the laundry and it costs lots of money”, said by Mrs. Tran Văn Tùng (40 years old, lives at No 6B Condominium).

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Some of the inhabitants in Linh Dam Peninsula’s urban area said that water supply system is invested by HUDS in years, now it is downgraded. The inhabitants grow fast, especially when VP5, VP3 Condominiums… are given to new inhabitant, but the water supply infrastructure is downgraded, the situation of being water-short is easy to understand.

Being water-shot is obvious!

Answering the interviewer, the head of HUDS admits that there is a situation of being seriously water-short at the above condominiums of the Linh Dam Peninsula’s urban area. The reason for this situation is water supply of Viwaco to this urban area gone down from 2.300 m3/ day and night to 2000/day and night. Moreover, Da River’s water pipe has the problem at the end of last July, meanwhile this urban area at the end of the river so a situation of being water-short is easy to understand. Now, the quantity of clean water supplied by HUDS is over 1.300 m3/ day and night and HUDS can’t produce more because the well has no underground water. HUDS used a truck to supply more water but couldn’t adapt for all of the inhabitants.

Linh Dam apartment lacked water

The underground water supply of HUDS is exhausted, so the clean water of Viwaco becomes the main source for this urban area.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Viet, CEO of Viwaco, said that clean water of The Linh Dam Peninsula’s urban area is supplied by HUDS firmly. Because of growing need, HUDS buys more clean water from Viwaco. However, HUDS’s sunk well is exhausted so clean water of Viwaco becomes main supplying for this urban area. “Years ago, a water of Viwaco is just a supplement source, so water pipe infrastructure to The Linh Dam Peninsula is installed small pipe. Until now, a demand for clean water is growing higher, water pipe infrastructure can’t satisfy in time. This urban area being water-short is obvious.” said by Mr. Viet.

According to Mr. Viet, Viwaco can’t speed up supplying clean water for The Linh Dam Peninsula’s urban area because of not only the infrastructure but also a weak and break-down clean water pipe of Da River. The head of Viwaco said that the company supply water directly to the whole HH Condominium, VP6 Condominium, in the south-west of Linh Dam Lake. In the end of August, this company supply more water directly to VP5 Condominium and VP3 Condominium. From them, clean water source of HUDS can focus on No 6, No 8, No 9, and No 10 Condominiums so the situation of being water-short can be improved. For long-term, we need to check up, calculate to invest more in water supply infrastructure for this urban area

According to architect Pham Thanh Tung, The Chief of the Architect Association in VN points out the main reason of the situation of being water-short at The Linh Dam Peninsula’s urban area is that scheme is broken down, inhabitant is growing fast in short time, social infrastructure, including an inadaptable of water supply. “Being water-short is a clear manifestation of the break-down scheme. Main responsible belongs to relevant offices which relax management, let the population density grows fast, get shocked to the infrastructure, let the quality of life of The Linh Dam Peninsula’s urban area which is a model of the country go down.”, said by architect Tung.

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