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The Manhattan – Vinhomes imperia: american style living space at port city

the Manhattan - Vinhomes imperia: american style living space at port city

After the successful launch of two subdivisions, The Paris and The Venice, Vingroup continues to launch The Manhattan, the third division of the Vinhomes Imperia complex project in Hong Bang district, Hai Phong City. Accordingly, The Manhattan is inspired by the dynamic living pace of Manhattan, New York, USA.

The representative of the investor said that with its orientation to becomes a vibrant center, Vinhomes Imperia – The Manhattan is carefully planned in terms of functionality, design and architecture. Specifically, from The Manhattan, residents will move quickly to the city’s arterial roads and connect directly with six major roads into the complex of square – hotel – commercial center of the project.

With the gateway location next to the 45-storey Hotel Tower Tower – the tallest in Hai Phong, with a view to the 3.18ha central square, The Manhattan will bring you business opportunities when it becomes crowded, bustling area.

In addition, over 200 villas in The Manhattan are designed by Humphreys & Partners (USA) – the world’s leading architectural and landscape design consultancy inspired from New York spirit. This sub-zone is developed with two main types of products, including: twin villas (12m in front, 140-160m2 in area), single villas (minimum of 15m in front, 180-300 m2 in area). All have spacious balconies bringing the ventilation and receive natural light, wind for homeowners.

Directly connected to the utilities within the 45-storey hotel tower, The Manhattan is benefited from Vincom Plaza, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, Sky lounge, fitness & Spa …

Residents not only have the opportunity to experience first-class services from well-known brands, but also satisfy their passion for fashion and cuisine, with boutique houses spread across the central square.

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Moreover, The Manhattan residents also enjoy the benefits from the local amenities such as Vinmec clinic, Vinschool school, 2 interregional parks, BBQ area, sports complex including soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, outdoor pools, …

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The Manhattan – Vinhomes imperia: american style living space at port city

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