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The Market Is Fierce Competition, The Home Buyer Benefits

The market is fierce competition, the home buyer benefits

After many changes, the real estate market is entering a stage of the fierce competition. This is the opportunity for home buyers.

Chairman of Hung Phat Company, Mr. Nguyen Du Luc, said that in any field and at any time, shoppers must protect themselves, by thoroughly understanding the information of people. sell and the products that they provide themselves, if not want to lose money unfairly.

In the field of real estate, buyers have to know “clear in the open”, select good projects, connect infrastructure smoothly, build utilities in sync and specially select projects of the owner’s prestige when the capital.

Regarding real estate market, according to my observation, the current situation is down but compared with 2015 but the liquidity is quite good and stable. The market does not have a clear sign that investors or brokers “do the price” to make big profits and also the status of the project to reduce prices to push the goods.

The market is fierce competition, the home buyer benefits
Market opportunities but customers have to choose

Given the fact that such a market, those who are in dire need of housing should still consider buying a home at this time.

Because the market is quite selective in all segments of the product and the investor is also flexible to offer attractive sales policies, flexible payment. If you wait until the economic situation is better then the buyer will have to pay more money to buy products compared to this time.

The more competitive the competition, the better the customer

Customers have many choices, compare to find the best and most preferential programs. However, for the safety of customers should choose the project with legal clarity, construction schedule of commitment, or should buy the project of reputable investors.

Mr. Pham Lam, General Director of Asia Travel, said that this is a good time to buy a house or real estate investment, due to abundant supply and diversity in many segments. When the supply goes up, real estate prices will have to adjust to match affordability.

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“In my opinion, the current and upcoming market will be fierce competition because of high supply will lead to more reasonable price. The payment method may be extended for long-term payment or the owner will have to intensify promotions such as discounts, gifts, or interest subsidies in the early years. of the loan program.

The market is fierce competition, the home buyer benefits

Even, many investors will have to give customers home but not paid all the money for investors. The playground will screen for unqualified developers. And that will be the opportunity for real estate developers professional, prestigious, sustainable “- said Pham Lam.

Be wise consumer

Phung Chu Cuong, general director of Phu Long Company, said that the current time, the market has formed the segment of clarity, from luxury, high-end to popular, creating more choices for guests. Goods have real needs.

In order to buy attractive properties in this period, you need to consult and study the project information with 2 groups of criteria. First, select good projects to suit the needs and objectives of buyers such as Location, design, construction, the legal status of the project …

Secondly, the prestige of the investor: Understand the capacity of investors through the projects they have implemented, the projects have been completed and put into operation, management and quality of services after a handover.

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