The Modern Two-Story House Styles

2-story house is easy to shape design style, ensuring a spacious living space, airy is always a reasonable choice for many families.

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Are you planning to build a 2 story house, buy a nice new home or renovate your family’s old home? You love the modern style but do not know how to put up ideas for your home? The following article by Vietnam Real Estate will help you!

2 story resort style

If you want to enjoy living space lightly, relaxed like being in the middle of the high-end resort, the beautiful 2-story resort style is the perfect choice for you.

In this style, the house will be built in open style, open in the space between the rooms, open between the house and the garden to be able to pick up the most natural sunshine. Two-storey house style resort does not necessarily have a large garden, but the architect will cleverly put in a lot of trees and lakes, making the house is always airy and cool.

Modern 2 storey house style design

A 2 story house designed resort-style resort

The interior is also not too sophisticated, most people just select the necessary equipment to not create clutter, excesses in the resort minuscule.

However, to bring a small resort home, the owner will have to spend a decent cost.

Simple 2-story house with rustic rustic style

According to its name, the rustic style is especially focused on the use of natural materials, mainly wood, stone and rattan. However, when visiting a Rustic house, people do not have the feeling of boring, the opposite is the simple two-story house that many beautiful people still wish.

Modern 2 storey house style design

Simple but beautiful of the 2 story Rustic

Instead of being meticulously polished, the details in the home are quite rudimentary, but it is this rudeness that brings warmth to the house and makes the homeowner live closer to nature.

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Maverick style rebellion on 2 beautiful floor

If you have bought a nice house but are bored with its overly safe design, then try a little variation on the Maverick style. Not following any rules, rebellious and creative – Maverick is the dream home of the owner of the personality.

Modern 2 storey house style design

2-storey Maverick style house is rebellious and creative

As noted, Mavericks have no rules, but when looking at these beautiful two-story houses built in this style, we will see the most common feature between them is the random combination of colors, the Interwoven the cubes vividly, but still do not make the viewer feel cumbersome, confusing eyes.

2 story modern minimalist style house

2-story modern minimalists house for those who love simplicity, elegance. The lines in the house are very definite with the presence of the basic shapes such as square, rectangular, circular. Colors are elegant, not carved, no pattern is meticulous care.

Modern 2 storey house style design

2-story modern style house with minimalist elegance and elegance

Currently, Japan is the most popular style of this country, and it is becoming a fashion trend in Vietnam.

The above are four types of beautiful house design 2 floors are the most popular today. Depending on the interests, a personality that homeowners can choose the most appropriate style.

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