The Most Luxury Resettlement Area In Sai Gon – There Are Few People When Looking From The Above

With the size of 12.500 apartments, the apartment of resettlement area in Thu Thiem urban (District 2) is thought to be the biggest and most large-scale resettlement area in Ho Chi Minh City at present.

However, there are many completed blocks of apartment but there are few people to come and live here, the reason is they were compensated with little money that cannot afford to buy resettlement foundation in here, or they were waiting to long to have a houses do they have to buy houses in another place and this area is quite expensive so the poor cannot afford to buy so they have to sell their own houses for another people.

resettlement site in Saigon

Relocation of resettlement area to “no less than the high-grade urban areas in Ho Chi Minh City are seen from the banks of the Saigon River.

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There are many residents that live around here said there is an information at the beginning of September 2017 which investor will officially sell thousands of resettlement apartments with the commercial rate of interest because there is few people to come and live here or they just sold their own houses for another people. As they said, the selling price (not adding the VAT) of the apartment in this biggest resettlement area is about 35-36 million USD per sqm at present.

Meanwhile, “following” the “luxury” resettlement area is as good as the other high-class urban area in Ho Chi Minh City, realty assets around here are rising quickly. Mr. Vu Dinh, the owner of 2 blocks of house in the corner of A Street and B Street said that the price of foundation here is not lower than 100 million USD per sqm, a house with an area of 4x10m and 2 floors which are near his house is just sold with a price of 16 billion USD.

The important thing to say is that the goal of Ho Chi Minh City from the first place is to let many investors, for example, Tien Phuoc, Tran Thai, Thuan Viet, Duc Khai, Kepple Land,… to build many blocks and other articles belonging to the project, but there has been yet a decision to transfer this block of the house into the commercial house, it is still sold publicly on many websites.

resettlement site in Saigon

The entire project has been completed and some blocks have been handed over but very few people come to live.

A special project is the project of over 12.000 apartments with many 28-floor blocks of the house on the front face of Mai Chi Tho Street that is invested by Thuan Viet Company. This resettlement project has newly changed the name into “New City”. The investor also decorates the project attractively with the light system on the outside of the project.

According to people said, the building program of 12.500 resettlement apartments in Thu Thiem New Urban Area is to resettle households belonging to 5 wards in the center of this urban area. The project includes 3 areas: The area that is 30,2 ha Binh Khanh has 4.216 apartments, The area that is 38,4 ha Binh Khanh has 6.220 apartments. The area that is 17,3 ha An Phu – Binh Khanh has 1.844 apartments.

Among them, the resettlement area that is  38,4 ha and invested by joining venture of Vietinbank COSECO CO., LTD – Construction Joint Stock Company No.1 – Thuan Viet Construction and Investment – Truong Son Construction to build 2.220 apartments and infrastructure of the area that is 38,4 ha at Binh Khanh Ward.

Presented at the “construction” of this resettlement area in recent days, we easily see the noisy, business of the machines and workers who are not tired to build this construction. Looking deep to inside, in the area that is surrounded Nam Rach Chiec, the place having some blocks of the apartment that is handled for residents to live in there.

Overlooking, Binh Khanh resettlement area just has to build articles of the landscape, 2 areas of the big park. This is one of the projects for residents having low income which has the biggest size in Ho Chi Minh City ever, is invested to build in the central of Thu Thiem New Urban Area, is among of many other luxury apartment projects and is pushed to build fast. Especially, the traffic infrastructure here is widened, which helps to connect the traffic way through many districts in the central of the city.

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