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The Numbers Realate To Kenton Node

Each project or apartment contains a lot of information which the number of customers concern.

Except for location, amenities, design, price or space, they also concern with the scale of a project which is called the data relating to this project. If you pay attention to Kenton Node Hotel Complex Apartment project, we will help you find out about it.

What are numbers relating to Kenton Node Hotel Complex?

Kenton Node Hotel Complex is located at 116A, Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Phuoc Kieng Ward, Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City. It is really a prime location near Rach Dia River which is a beautiful and peaceful one.

The total area of Kenton Node Hotel Complex is 10.8 hectares including different 9 towers. The total quantity of units is 3.000 high-class ones and 800 hotels – condotels that are built. This scale is considered as one of the huge projects in luxurious apartment segment.

Although the land is 10.8 hectares, the investor of Tai Nguyen Company has just spent 23 percent of it for building density. They use 77 percent to create a tropical area, plant trees and building deluxe amenities. They aim their efforts at creating a green space into the living space of residents that is the main reason why Kenton Node Hotel Complex attracts customers’ attention.

In the Kenton Node Hotel Complex project, many high-end products are launched in the market such as high-class apartments, shophouses, 5-star hotels, offices for rent and large commercial centers. The diversity of products offers many choices for customers.

Moreover, Kenton Node Hotel Complex includes 50 deluxe amenities, for example, an international hospital, giant commercial centers, a long walk street, international schools, entertainment centers, etc. All of them bring a perfect life residents living in there.

 Kenton Node Hotel Complex
The numbers are associated with Kenton Node Hotel Complex

The difference creates the high-end Kenton Node Hotel Complex.

The planning separates from other types of apartment. Kenton Node Hotel Complex is equipped convenient amenities for the daily life. For example, the garage can contain up to 5000 cars; there are 3 elevators to serve 4 apartments, etc.

The design of each apartment project in district 7 is one of the main factors that customers concern a lot. Therefore, the design of Kenton Node Hotel Complex is unique. To illustrate, there are 3 or 4 apartments on a floor; the distance between unit and elevator is 2m-7m.

Each unit has modern and spacious design according to European style and standards. In particular, when apartment handover, the furniture, plaster ceiling, air conditioner, brick floor for bathroom and wood floor for other rooms will be completed

The design of a living room is very luxurious with full of furniture, wood floor, and modern equipment.

Bedroom in Kenton Node Hotel Complex is elegant and graceful style. Residents will have a comfortable sleep with the warm colors of clamps.

The airy and spacious kitchen is equipped oven, microwave, kitchen ware, etc.

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The significant features of Kenton Node Hotel Complex.

Kenton Node Hotel Complex – 100 years sustainable city.

Because Kenton Node Hotel Complex has a great vision and social responsibility, it is designed to meet technological standards. Therefore, it can face the complex climate changes and it can sustain over 100 years.

Kenton Node Hotel Complex- a civilized international city.

Kenton Node Hotel Complex project has more than 50 outstanding amenities, it is guaranteed to be a civilized international city for global citizens.

Kenton Node Hotel Complex- a green city with European standard.

It is designed and built according to European standards that make it become one of the first projects building a green city in Viet Nam.

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The Numbers Realate To Kenton Node

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