The Opportunities And Challenges Of The Retail Property Market In Da Nang

Da Nang is a major city of the country, playing an important role in many economic, cultural, political and social fields. However, for many reasons real estate in this city has not developed significantly, especially compared to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Many investors believe that Danang is a potential land and promises to flourish in the future.

After the APEC summit, Da Nang real estate has had more or less innovation from the high end to a mid-range real estate. In this article, would like to evaluate the opportunities and challenges of the retail property market in Da Nang today.

Opportunities and challenges for the Danang retail property market

As a coastal city, Danang has the advantage of the beautiful natural scenery, along with abundant natural resources. However, the “style” of the people here still bear the pain, saving the majority of the central people. Therefore, Da Nang real estate is divided into two types of high-end real estate and “piece ” without clear planning.


The APEC conference is about to take place, making the Danang real estate market have a marked warming that attracts many investors from the South to the North. Accordingly, many real estate giants invest heavily in land items, high-end real estate, small real estate developers focus on interlocking land, agricultural land or cheap house prices.

the opportunities and challenges of the retail property market in Da Nang

Trading in real estate in Da Nang takes place more active due to the appeal of APEC

Low-cost Danang real estate trading during this time also took place. According to real estate experts, the volume of transactions in this segment has increased sharply from the second half of 2017. The strong development of the low-cost housing segment in Danang is predicted to be a perfect stepping stone for the Da Nang real estate market to develop in the future.


In addition to the great opportunities that retail markets bring, challenges from this market also require the entry of local authorities. In particular, most of the land in Da Nang lack clear planning, which makes many investors wonder about investment.

the opportunities and challenges of the retail property market in Da Nang

The risk of virtual land from speculation and lack of land planning in Da Nang

On the other hand, many of the land lots are too large, causing capital flow difficulties when investors decide to invest money here. Not to mention many real estate speculators “hug” the land easily lead to the ability to manipulate the market in the future. This not only affects Da Nang’s real estate but also the economic and social impact of Da Nang in the future.

The situation of buying and selling real estate in Danang is low

2017 is considered a turbulent year with the real estate market in Da Nang in general and the segment of cheap housing in particular. The “boom” from APEC is the leverage that helps Danang real estate grow and develop strongly. However, the great impact and subjective authority of the authorities have made Da Nang property more or less fluctuate through the “virtual land” in the short time.

From the beginning of October to now, the housing market of Da Nang has stabilized again. Particularly, the sale and purchase of houses and land at low price is attracted many investors and followers.

the opportunities and challenges of the retail property market in Da Nang

Da Nang real estate is expected to grow dramatically in the near future

According to real estate experts, the “fried” related to real estate in recent times Da Nang will leave a lesson for investors as well as local authorities. But they will not cause any impediment to the development of the real estate industry if it is in the right direction and has a clear plan.

The housing market in Da Nang, despite many positive changes, is still inferior to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, it is not difficult for investors to find affordable housing opportunities. With prices ranging from VND300-500 million, investors can own low-cost land in Da Nang.

the opportunities and challenges of the retail property market in Da Nang

Opportunity to buy Da Nang with cheap price below 500 million today is very attractive

Da Nang real estate has been developing. Besides the challenges and limitations of management and planning, the real estate here promises to bring more potential and profit in the future.

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