The Owner Stopped Operation Hundreds Of Customers Khang Gia Tan Huong Project Panic

Many customers buy a house at the project of Khang Gia Real Estate Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (business registration address with tax authorities: 103 Su Van Hanh, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City) are wild bring information that the company is doing procedures for dissolution, no longer operate in the local business, tax debt …

 This is not the first case in Ho Chi Minh City. Over the past two years, through contact with a lot of customers have bought homes in the housing projects that the owner left without a farewell, to know their lives are extremely difficult. , Have to live temporarily in the motel but the monthly interest bank loan cannot afford not pay.

In that, because of the advertisements of these investors, the whole family money to buy the house, but at this time lost money that the house also did not know, resulting in spouses dispersed by the sample family fight …

According to a buyer of the apartment at Khang Gia Tan Huong project, through the study of the households in Khang Gia Tan Huong apartment, known as Khang Gia company’s headquarters at 103 Su Van Hanh (District 10) has closed cannot contact. People cannot contact the leader of this company. “We are like sitting on fire, eating quietly because we have saved up tens of years to buy an apartment of about 70sqm, but now investors cannot contact us do not know How to get money back or get home, “said Th, in tears.

Mrs. Hong, who is staying in Tan Binh district, also sarcastically said that every two months, every month, he paid money to the owner for buying an apartment here. Through the media, she has repeatedly “poked” to the project, standing in front of her apartment was purchased but no way to reach the responsible person. “I also went to the ward office every so often, but the answer was that there would be an early warning when they contacted the owner,” Hong said.

Even the People’s Committee of Tan Phu Ward and the People’s Committee of Tan Quy Ward in Khang Gia apartment have repeatedly invited the legal representative of this company to work on the condominium convention for the first time but this company does not cooperate or appoint Non-authorized people come to work.

real estate stopped working

project Khang Gia Tan Huong

Nguyen Thanh Hai, Director of District Tax Office District 10, said through verification with the People’s Committee of the ward where the company registered the business, it is known that Khang Gia Company has fled from business registration address from more than 1 this year.

Prior to the situation on District Tax Office in District 10 has updated notice that Khanh Gia Company has fled the business registration address on the network of tax networks nationwide.  This notice has also been sent to the tax department 64 provinces. Mr. Trinh Minh Thanh is representative of the Khang Gia Company, General Department of Taxation, Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City, District 10 Police, People’s Procuracy, District 10 to inform about the company. This fled is the locality, not pay taxes from June 2016 to now. Now all the bills, tax codes of this company have been locked, preventing tax benefits. So far, the company owes about $ 101694.

In another case, the Long Phung Residence project is located in front of street No. 1, in the heart of the residential area of Fire, west of the HCM city by the Binh Tan Real Estate Joint Stock Company as an investor. The 17-storey building consists of 105 apartments (75 – 105 sqm) and a garage.

The investor pledged to hand over the house as scheduled on December 31, 2011, and the delay will not exceed 90 days. If the seller breaches the contract without renegotiating, then the whole amount received and the interest paid will be refunded.

project stopped working

Customers in the project of Khang Gia Real Estate Development and Investment JSC

However, after December 31, 2011, the owner has repeatedly requested to extend the time of home delivery for a variety of reasons. According to many customers, the company – led by General Director Huynh Van Anh has given various reasons for the late delivery of the house. In particular, the highest point is on April 22, 2014, Anh has written apologies to buyers and said that have found secondary investors help complete the project while emphasizing the project captured Back to construction, reschedule the delivery deadline to 30/3/2015.

“After acquiring the heart and understanding of our customers, since then we have hardly been able to contact Anh or those responsible for the project of this company. Most of the buyers here have paid almost 100% of the rent, but nowadays no one knows when to get a house and now Mr. Anh is actually going abroad for cancer treatment as rumors happen. Nguyen T. H, a resident of Ben Tre – bought two apartments and paid 90% of the house purchase (nearly $ 75165).

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When asked about how to solve the problem after dozens of customers began to file a complaint to the authorities, an An So Ward leader said Ward has once again sent report The problem is sent to the Party Committee, the District People’s Committee to find a solution too soon ensure the interests of home buyers and stabilize the security situation.

real estate Khang Gia

Khang Gia Company has fled the business registration address

When asked about how to solve the problem after dozens of customers began to file a complaint to the authorities, an An So Ward leader said Ward has once again sent report The problem is sent to the Party Committee and the District People’s Committee in order to find a solution too soon ensure the interests of home buyers and stabilize the situation of security and order in the area. Accordingly, first of all, higher levels of authority shall be given to case-by-case verifications in order to promptly handle people’s protests; The second is the county inspectorate proposal, construction inspector on the review of the shortcomings of this project.

Falling into a situation as tragic as those customers bought Gia Phu apartment in Thu Duc district. Accordingly, the project invested by Gia Phu JSC almost completed 80%. However, dozens of customers who are due to pick up their homes recently discovered that some of their apartments were sold by the owner to many others. Since then, over the past five years, the project was suspended because the investor voluntarily “blocked” the entire project, leaving the area of residence.

Le Huu Hung (representative of a group of customers) said that after finding out that Gia Phu Company showed signs of fraud, many people went to the head office of the company on De Tham street in District 1. Again, even “they also hired some strangers, face barbarians standing in front of the door blocking, no one to enter.”

Worth mentioning, the responsible person and the name of the contract signed by the people is Mr. Nguyen Hung Nghiem – Director of Gia Phu Real Estate Company “dive lost”, not resolved. As a consequence, hundreds of customers who pay their rents continue to go to the door of local authorities to seek legal rights.

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