The Perfect Choice In Lavenue Crown Saigon

Lavenue Crown Saigon – now, housing problems become more and more difficult to solve, especially in Saigon. To solve it, real estate projects are rapidly growing.

However, it is not easy to find a suitable apartment for yourself. When raising a design idea of each housing construction project, companies are paying close attention to the needs of people’s lives. When bringing their projects to customers, their customers’ first attraction will be new developments. Lavenue Crown District 1 will certainly not disappoint you, let us learn about this project.

Lavenue Crown Saigon owing a desirable location in District 1

Lavenue Crown was built by Kinh Do Corporation in late 2016 at the center of district 1. The project owns two expensive facades in Le Duan and Hai Ba Trung streets – to open, clean and most crowded streets in Saigon, which are currently considered as the gold location.

This area is considered as one of the fast-growing areas of Ho Chi Minh City with a series of high-rise buildings, offices, apartments, etc built quickly. Lavenue Crown is located in the midst of the bustling Saigon intersection. The Lavenue Crown project is not only high commercial value but also cultural and humanistic value because there are some buildings with contemporary architecture and historical buildings entered the lives of Saigon dwellers surrounding it.

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Lavenue Crown Saigon – Exquisite, luxurious and modern beauty

Lavenue Crown project was built and developed into a luxurious complex consisting of three functional areas: luxury apartments, luxury business center and a five-star hotel. Lavenue Crown 1 District project includes 36 stories, 6 stories of which for commercial functions with the total area of 1200 sqm. The apartment block will combine two major functional areas: a five-star hotel with 220 to 250 rooms and a luxurious apartment with over 200 apartments.

Lavenue Crown Saigon

Downtown commercial center Lavenue Crown Saigon at the podium

The design of maximization of natural light, air and wind bring a spacious space to customers. The finished kitchen is equipped with full of equipment including kitchen cabinets and full associated equipment. Interior system in the bathroom with modern and luxurious furniture gives customers the feeling of pleasure of 5-star hotel.

The outstanding facilities that Lavenue Crown Saigon dedicated to you.

In Lavenue Crown, you are able to enjoy the scenery of the city, the vast greenery of plants and cool breezes. Every morning, you can relax in the fresh air. It creates a peaceful, comfortable, prosperous living space and gives you the most sophisticated value. In addition to the emphasis on the design of each apartment, the investor pays attention to the facilities as well as other perfect services.

Lavenue Crown Saigon

Luxury restaurant area Lavenue Crown Saigon rooftop project

On the delicately designed rooftop of the restaurant along with the standard swimming pools, you can enjoy the perfect service that the investor gives to their customers, you and your family can swim in the cool water while enjoying the cityscape every night or every morning. Moreover, investing in a chain of gourmet stores will ensure that customers are able to enjoy an exciting dining experience, and the experience of world-class cuisine prepared by top chefs will satisfy the desires of our customers.

With 6 stories dedicated to the function of commercial and retail fashion items which has famous brands in the world as well as in Vietnam, you will be immersed in the fashion world and buy everything you want. Lavenue Crown is a complex building with various functions to serve all customer requirements.

  • Entertainment area: With full of all modern and healthy games, your child can enjoy new games, and you will not worry about that your child will be backward.
  • Health Center including spa, gym and yoga: With modern machines and experienced staffs, you will have soft white skin with the body you want.

Moreover, you can easily have fun to buy anything you like, play any game you want and relax after hours of your tired work, etc

Besides, the Lavenue Crown office buildings which are luxury apartments provide with facilities and an upscale living experience.

Quickly signing up for an apartment to enjoy the wonderful living in Lavenue Crown.

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