The perfect scale of Dragon Smart City project

The project of dragon smart city is known as European urban center in Da Nang. The urban area has owned the location is extremely favorable location, the best feng shui of Lien Chieu District.

The whole project is planned with diversified types of products for customers such as: townhouse; Villa; luxury apartment. Along with that is the system of utility services, high-tech with the unique landscape of flowers and plants spread on the area up to 78ha. With a complete chain of service facilities, located within the project area, closed to help ensure as well as meet all living needs of residents in the future.

 The Dragon Smart City project has been officially started since the end of 2016. Since the launch of the project, it has given the customers an ideal place to choose. populate Become a resident of the project you will be living in the modern villas, riverside and even plots of land plots are reasonably large area. Along with the prosperity of Lien Chieu land is growing thanks to leverage from transportation infrastructure, the planning of the whole city with the investment of up to trillions. These factors have attracted a large number of investors, big business companies here to operate as well as business.

Dragon Smart City

Designed with clean living space in the urban Smart City Da Nang

 Dragon Smart City project has been the investor as well as partners in architectural design, planning into a modern metropolitan area famous. The architecture as well as the encirclement of the surrounding residential clusters has helped the project have broad view of the river and ecological channels. The focus of the project is public works, utility services; green vegetation system; clean energy park; amusement parks; club house and busy commercial center.

According to the plan, the project includes a large number of products such as: townhouses; Villa; high-grade apartment and spacious area for green trees create a green living environment, modern services. With 78 hectares, the project is divided into subdivision, the same area includes:

+ Land area of ​​public works: 42,122sqm (5.37%)

+ Land area of ​​Commercial & Service: 8.497sqm(1.09%)

+ Land for adjacent houses: 301.783sqm (38.54%)

+ Villa, luxury apartments: 67.905sqm (8.67%)

+ Green Park: 95.781sqm (12.23%)

+ The remaining area is reserved for construction of traffic, canals and culverts

The utilities of Dragon Smart City project

The utilities of Dragon Smart City project

Future residents of the project Dragon Smart City thanks to the above planning will help to achieve a modern life, such as living in a small city with full facilities from entertainment services , education, hospital are located in the interior of the project.

Model “Smart City” by DraGon Smart City

 DraGon Smart City is located in prime location, convenient for economic potential as well as many modern social infrastructure is growing. The project helps to meet the practical needs of residents in the short term. It also helps to bring more potential value added to our customers in the long run. Particularly with the large staff working in Lien Chieu District and neighboring schools will help investors who want to find a place to develop business services and trade potential in the future.

Dragon Smart City Danang offers a wide range of products for every customer

Dragon Smart City Danang offers a wide range of products for every customer

Dragon Smart City is a breakthrough product, deployed under the model of “Smart City” in the first Central Green land investment focus in 2018. All the outstanding facilities of the project are designed with the typical style of Cherry Country.

Living in DraGon Smart City, you and your family will live in a bright, green living space with the most unique amenities that surround the natural green surround. And right around the project is the chain of advanced services such as: international standard education system; optimum health care; gym; yoga; and the outdoor area with the latest equipment, tools, entertainment area, 5- star standard cuisine; commercial center; Walking Street; with mini mart; chain stores; restaurant; High-end club bar; fountain system; gardens; interior park … All are arranged reasonable and modern, high level, designed according to the concept of “Japanese miniature”. Everything helps your life meeting the maximum level of all needs perfect, quality.

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