The Price Of Grand Riverside Apartment In District 4

What is the price of Grand Riverside? Why is it said that Grand Riverside apartment is attractive and competitive price in Ben Van Don District 4?

In District 4, the Grand Riverside apartment is considered as the most attractive project in terms of interior architecture, convenient location, and the price. To own a luxury apartment in the Grand Riverside project, customers can deposit early now to inherit preferential policies in the first sale.

Grand Riverside Apartment Project

Grand Riverside District 4 creates a classy lifestyle, upstream

It is expected that by the end of 2017, Hong Ha and Tien Phat investors will hand over these apartments to customers. From now, you can plan your investment in the Grand Riverside Apartment, if you do not want to lose the opportunity. At the present, many beautiful view apartments of the project are deposited. The bellowing article will give you more information on the price, to make the appropriate financial preparation.

The policy of selling Grand Riverside District 4 apartment is officially by the investor:

Being a high-rise project with about 240 luxury apartments, Grand Riverside apartments are attracted by many real estate investors. In particular, customers order apartments for a living and long-term / short-term rental pretty much. It is partly because the project is located in a prime location at the beautiful potential of District 4 – Ben Van Don, partly because the price policy that the investor offered to sell the project is very pleasant. Compared to the area, the Grand Riverside apartment price is not only competitive but also much cheaper.

Specific price policies are proposed by Hong Ha and Tien Phat as follows:

– 1-bedroom apartment: the area is from 49.4sqm costing about 127,914 USD /unit.

– 2-bedroom apartment: area is 78.5sqm costing about 127,914 USD/ unit, area is 79.4sqm costing 129,678 USD/ unit.

– 3-bedroom apartment: area is 83sqm costing 163,201 USD/ unit.

– 4-bedroom apartment: the area is 139.1sqm costing about 5.7 billion / unit.

Thus, compared with other District 4 apartments, to own a luxury apartment in the Grand Riverside project, you just spent about 88,216 USD / unit, with the price from 1543 – 1984 USD/Sqm. This is really the attractive and competitive price in the area because Ben Van Don which is hotter than many years ago has been completed the transportation system. The value of the land at Ben Van Don road has doubled compared to before and is expected to increase further in the future. It is a wise decision to spend about 88,216 USD for a permanent in District 4, especially when it comes to potential projects such as Grand Riverside Apartments.

When ordering apartments here, customers also have the opportunity to reduce the maximum cost through attractive discount policy, and premium gift packages. Include:

– Customers will be discounted 2% of the value of the apartment when signing a 30% advance payment contract. When signing a 70% payment contract, they will continue to be discounted by 4% of the value.

– Wholesalers of 2 units or more will be discounted separately according to the notification policy from the investor.

– If you purchase a Grand Riverside Apartment early, you will be eligible to win a lucky prize including a special one worth a Vespa motorbike, and 15 first ones worth 1 gold.

– Buyers of apartments are offered a complete kitchen furniture which is full of specialized equipment such as sinks, washers, kitchen cabinets on the bottom, glass walls, kitchen … If not receive this gift package, the buyer will be reduced 2646 USD at the direct selling price.

You can view more listings of projects being sold in District 4, Ho Chi Minh City: Apartments for sale in district 4

– If you buy the apartment, you will receive the corresponding rental package is worth:

+ 5293 USD: 2-bedroom apartment

+ 6616 USD: 3-bedroom apartment

+ 7939 USD: 4-bedroom apartment

Grand Riverside Apartment Project

Bedroom of the Grand Riverside apartment

This amount of money will be deducted from the investor directly to the selling price, so you will receive a significant discount when buying an apartment.

Refer to the sale price of the same segment of the same property area Grand Riverside Apartments:

Before deciding to order Grand Riverside Apartments, you can refer to the pricing policy of other projects in the area. Therefore, when making choices, you will have more basic information.

Specifically, neighboring projects in the region are being sold at the prices as follows:

– Masteri Millenium project costs from 2425 USD to 2867 USD/Sqm

The Gold View project costs from 1764 USD to 2205 USD/Sqm

– The Tresor, Saigon Royal Residence, Rivergate Residence, Icon 56 cost from 2646 USD – 3087 USD/Sqm

So, the prices vary from 1543USD to 1984 USD/sqm, the price of Grand Riverside Apartments is very friendly. Meanwhile, the quality of the project is similar and on the face of potential, even Grand Riverside is highly appreciated by Ben Van Don street is very hot in the downtown area of Saigon.

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