The Priceless Utility Of Thu Thiem Urban Are

Everyone has a desire to live in a place with full of utilities to enjoy the life value. After stressful working hours, coming back with your home, family and relatives is the greatest thing. The laughter and people here will help you dispel all the burden of life.

Because of that, the place of living is extremely important. That is the place everyone wants to take care of together and “invests” in the greatest interest.

Thu Thiem owns itself all the conveniences of a modern new urban area. With a lot of high-end gadgets, this is one of the goals that the owner will always strive for and it will surely satisfy the most demanding customers.

Why can it be said that Thu Thiem owns the gadgets that it’s hard to find in somewhere else? What does it have? What is the reason to claim this place as a miniature world in the heart of the city? Let’s explore with us!

You are a modern man

Coming to Thu Thiem, the first thing that impresses you is the modern luxurious urban area including high-rise apartments and other public highlight projects such as the Exhibition Center, the Museum House, the Planning Information Center, the stadium, observatory complex and the mixed commercial blocks … All bring a rare convenience.

Empire City apartment at Thu Thiem urban area in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

You are a nature lover

Living in a green area is the best life. Interspersing with nature, the extensive canals, the porous lands and the east bank of Thu Thiem is the romantic landscapes of the Nam Bo River. In addition, with rows of the fragrant rosewoods, it has created an extremely vibrant urban space, the traditional beauty combining with the modern beauty.

Besides, we also have the riparian forest park. This park has a very large area of ​​about 150 hectares and allows some time during the day or some seasons of the year to be flooded. The vegetation here will become the source of food for some semi-aquatic animals, even some kinds of the birds, which creates an ecologically-friendly habitat in a living space with harmony and nature.

You are worried about your children’s learning

Education is the first concern of any parents. Understanding this concern, the investor has invested a large amount of capital into the modern school buildings around the Thu Thiem urban. They understand that the youth is the preschool of the country. They are sowing the seeds and looking forward to the harvest day.

Playground for kid at Thu Thiem urban area in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

You fear that every day it takes hours to fight for the congestion and traffic jams?

Every morning waking up, stepping out of your home, the obsession about traffic jams has made people sorrow. Pollution, dust, vehicles …. are reducing the quality of our life. Now you do not have to worry anymore, the wide boulevards with rows of trees will certainly bring the most comfortable for you.

You no longer have to see the flooding scenes in the storm

Thu Thiem itself is the land that acts as a sponge to absorb water, which creates a modern city in the heart of nature. In the context of climate change, Vietnam has suffered the affects of the storms every year, so the value of Thu Thiem has been more important than ever.

You are interested in amusement park

Life is more and more modern, people are around the vicious cycle. Children are much more disadvantaged than ever, the playground is shrinking and becoming the industrial parks, export processing zones, factories, … However, when coming to Thu Thiem, you do not have to worry about that, there are many amusement parks waiting for you and your children.

Thu Thiem is one of the high-end projects with the luxurious resort style. That is exactly what the investor wants: giving residents a true life and the harmony with nature.

All created a perfect living space for the Thu Thiem. Just come to Thu Thiem to live and enjoy together!

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