The Profitable Value Increases When Investing In The Coast Villa

Phu Quoc is a land of blessed nature with the year-round fresh air. The cultural relics of his father’s history leaving have become an indispensable tourist destination such as Phu Quoc prison, Temple of Hero Nguyen Trung Truc.

Bai Truong is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc with a long white sandy beach and fishes swimming in the blue sea. Bai Truong is planned to be the most crowded urban area in Phu Quoc. The famous projects link from North of Bai Truong to Bai Truong Center and South of Bai Truong. The main road has the width of 36m. The Coast Villas is located in fronts of this main road with the scale of 7.47 hectares.

The beach resort in Phu Quoc is not close to the beach, but the project has the advantage of Private Villas design to create a feeling of tranquility. All apartments of The Coast Villas have an indoor pool and not much concrete. Around a house is covered with green bamboos that give visitors a peaceful feeling.

The area of each villa has the following specific types

The Coast Villas

The Coast Villas are both an attractive resort and investment opportunity

– 1 bedroom: 12 × 15

– 2 bedrooms: 12 × 15; 12 × 18; 15 × 15

– 3 bedrooms: 12 × 21

In addition to the special design, the price of each villa here is only from $199 thousand per unit, equal to the price of an apartment in the middle of the city. If you buy a villa resort at this time, the initial value when signing the capital contribution contract will only pay 30% corresponding with the amount of about $26.5 thousand. With the long-term investment, the value of the villa has increased to 30% – 40% in the beginning of the first quarter of 2017.

Why is the value of a villa increasing up to 40%?

Because the entire Bai Truong area is an urban area with complete infrastructure, the land price also increases. As the projects are started constructing, the main roads are put into circulation, the reputable projects are put into operation, which are the basic factors to help real estate resort in Bai Truong increase suddenly in the second quarter of 2017.

Why are clients investing in The Coast Villas? Because the real value of a villa at this time is sold at just one-third of the value of the surrounding villas that are selling into resort market with the same investing segment. If customers are visionary about the advantages in the near future of Bai Truong, surely customers will choose The Coast Villas as the first profitable investment destination.

The Coast Villas

The coast villas are located right at Bai Truong, one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc

Bai Truong is located near the administrative center, the sea square, and walking street. Certainly, when the whole area put into operation, the surrounding projects will attract more tourists to rest stop. Especially with such beautiful and romantic design, the clients will be couples who are in love or are newly married. The apartment is designed with the bedroom separate with living area such as kitchen, dining room, living room creating them romantic feeling.

The Coast Villas are so romantic and poetic, perhaps when put into operation, the rental capacity will shoot up compared to other neighboring projects because of The Coast Villas make difference in design and very competitive price.

Come to us, the potential development will bring a great opportunity with profitable investment. The Coast Villas will surely make more profit to customers in the near future.

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