The Progress Of GS Korea Metrocity New Urban Area 2017

GS new urban area (also known as Gs Metrocity Nha Be project) is a super project in the South Saigon. This article updates the progress of the GS Metrocity new urban area project.

The GS new urban area (Metrocity Nha Be) with a super-scale area is attracting the attention of many investors. When the project is completed, it will become one of the largest and most developed urban areas in the South Saigon (Hiep Phuoc Port urban area and Phu My Hung urban area).

If you are interested in GS Metropolis new urban area, you can update the progress of this project by contacting us directly, or visiting this website for information:

  1. Basic information about Korea GS Metrocity new urban area you need to know.

Before updating the progress of Korea GS Metrocity new urban area, you need to know the basic information of the project. You will understand more about the project.

GS Korea Metrocity urban area is invested by GS Nha Be Development Co., Ltd (also known as GS Korea). The project is located in the south of Ho Chi Minh City, on a land of the nearly 3500000sqm area in Phuoc Kien and Nhon Duc Commune, Nha Be District (near Hiep Phuoc Port Urban Area).

The project has full of legal documents. It has the great interest to the city because it will make the face of Nha Be District change. The project’s scale is huge with 3 major subdivisions and many functional subdivisions, the project’s investment capital is expected to be about 132 million USD.

The GS Korea Metrocity new urban subdivision is divided into 3 zones:

  • Zone A: 1151558,9sqm in area (also known as the linear urban area)
  • Zone B: 578046.4sqm in the area (also known as The Center Peninsula – the Central Peninsula and Gateway City area – the gateway urban area).
  • Zone C is the largest with 764820.4sqm in the area because it is a park green park, English name is Park City.

Function, because this project has a huge area it is divided into separate areas to easily manage. With the logical planning, the owner from Korea has shown his professionalism. Subdivisions are designed according to function as follows:

  • 1556252sqm for the residential area with many types of housing such as apartments, apartments, commercial houses, complex houses, villas … Residents can freely choose a suitable house. This residential area spreads out Zone A, B, C.
  • 2sqm for the public construction area includes area and urban works. These are the facilities that residents will experience at the project.
  • 394606sqm for the green area. According to the regulations, GS Metrocity new urban area must have 15% area of green open space, so this area is suitable.

In addition, the investor also uses 660360sqm of land for the traffic and the remaining area is used for other necessary functions such as technical infrastructure, water surface, green trees…

GS Metrocity

The new metropolis of GS Metrocity

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  1. Update the progress of GS Korean Metrocity new urban area project at present (2017).

The information in part 1 will help you understand more about GS Metrocity new urban area project. If you really have a bit of interest, read the project progress information below.

At present, the GS Metrocity new urban area project has almost completed the land clearance to begin building in the fourth quarter of 2017. At this time, the project is being moved the high voltage grid by Ho Chi Minh City Electric Power Trading Investment Corporation. Particular the foundation and steel columns have been almost completed by the investor.

It is expected that GS Korean Metrocity Project will develop significantly in the progress. We will update regularly to the interested customers.

If you would like to know the details of the completion and progress of GS Metrocity new urban area project, contact us in any way.

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