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The project launches condotel and Kahuna Ho Tram Strip

The project launches condotel and Kahuna Ho Tram Strip

On August 30th, Ho Tram Co., Ltd officially launched the condotel project and Kahuna Ho Tram Strip.

With the design concept combining Southeast Asia’s renowned Korn Architects and OROCON’s international engineers, the Kahuna Project is named after the legendary Hawaiian and a wonderfull holiday.

Project Kahuna Ho Tram Strip
Perspective of condotel and Kahuna Ho Tram Strip

Formally introducing Kahuna opens up attractive investment opportunities for investors thanks to the advantage of being located in a potentially complex coastal resort development.

Michael Kelly, senior vice president of Ho Tram Project Ltd. said that the condotel project – the Kahuna villa “inspired by luxury yachts, hit by fine lines” and “ideas The hydrographic simplicity shown throughout the design of the project further underscores the origin of the name and location of the beautiful Kahuna beach in Hawaii. “

The Kahuna Ho Tram Strip project has a total of 244 apartments, including a 12-story tower with 164 apartments, 36 two-bedroom villas and 8 oceanfront villas, prices from VND2,022 billion ($ 88,800) for one-bedroom apartments to VND9.11 billion ($ 400,000) for a Penthouse. Villa prices ranged from VND7.97 billion (US $ 350,000) to VND20.5 billion (US $ 900,000).

Ho Tram Co., Ltd is committed to a profit of 8% per annum on the net lease price in the first 2 years from the date of transfer. Then, the lessor is entitled to a 60/40 net lease income from the third year onwards. In addition, the renter will receive 21 free nights per year at Kahuna.

The project launches condotel and Kahuna Ho Tram Strip
The project launches condotel and Kahuna Ho Tram Strip

As a subsidiary of Asian Coast Development in Vietnam, Ho Tram Company Ltd. develops the Ho Tram Strip tourist project, About two hours drive. The 164ha project is located along a 2.2km beach and is surrounded by natural forests in the west.

Located in the fifth stage of the Ho Tram Strip project, Kahuna is located adjacent to the five-star resort The Grand Ho Tram Strip, 541 rooms (which is said to be the largest and most congested resort in Vietnam) The five-star The Beach Club 559 rooms are currently in the rushing stage completed. West of the project is the golf course The Bluffs designed by the legend Greg Norman and the villa to the Gallery Villas.

With more than US $ 1.1 billion in committed capital, the Ho Tram Strip project is considered to be the largest foreign invested tourism project in Vietnam and one of the largest private sector projects in Vietnam. the largest investment from the United States.

“Not only brings to Vietnam the unique Vegas entertainment model, the most spectacular sporting event of Asian Tours but today we also bring the ‘Hawaii Wave’ apartment project across the Pacific Ocean to the shore. East Sea Vietnam, “Mr Kelly said.

In the future, Ho Tram Company Ltd. plans to develop a private international airport near the Ho Tram Strip to enhance the development of Vietnam’s tourism. The other 164ha site will be devoted to water park, outdoor theater, health center, amusement park … and many other international entertainment facilities.

“We are working hard to turn Ho Tram Strip into the premier entertainment destination in Vietnam, not just a high-end real estate project, Kahuna is also leveraging energy to make the Ho Tram Strip more prosperous “said Kelly.

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