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The Project South Of Dai Co Viet Street: The Question Mark From Several Planning Adjustments

Southern project

A project that was slow progress nearly two decades and what made people skeptical was why to adjust the scale and boundaries of a 1/500-scale land plot and the same developer, but still stomping in place?

In the process of further investigation, Newspaper received many reflections of people about the “hidden” in this project. In particular, people are skeptical about the capacity of investors and the project adjust planning many times, but still “stuck in place.”

Specifically, on April 1, 2002, the People’s Committee of Hanoi City issued Decision No. 2105 / QD-UB approving the investment project to build a strip of land south of Dai Co Viet Street in Bach Khoa Ward, Le Dai Hanh Ward, O Cau Den Ward (Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi).

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The project extends from the Nam Khang culvert to O Cau Den, which is invested by Tu Tao Company for the purpose of constructing and renovating the regional technical infrastructure in accordance with the plan in order to improve the technical infrastructure for residents in the area. Construction built under planning, including architectural complexes, high-rise condominiums (for business and house fund for service the work of land clearance of the city)…

Southern project
Southern project of Dai Co Viet Street

On April 18 in 2002, the City People’s Committee issued Decision No. 58/2002 / QD-UB approving the detailed plan for adjusting the land strip south of Dai Co Viet Street at the rate of 1/500 as proposed by Tu Tao Company. The Decision specifies the boundaries of the detailed master plan that defined in accordance with the 1/500 detailed planning boundary approved by Decision No 4415 / QD-UB dated November 13 in 1997 of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi. The size of the project remains the same as 60.800 square meters, with an estimated population of 2.000, adjusting only the planning details and the number of floors of the building.

Accordingly, on July 19, 2002, the People’s Committee of Ha Noi City issued Decision No. 5016/QD-UB on the recovery of 38.377 m2 of land in Bach Khoa, Le Dai Hanh and Cau O Den wards, Hai Ba Trung District. It assigned to Tu Tao Company to implement investment projects to build high-rise apartment building, public service works and government offices on the strip of land south of Dai Co Viet Street. In the process, Tu Tao Company has completed the building VIII-C, serving local immigrants and people moved to live. In addition, 4A building has completed, but remains vacant for a number of reasons, while displaced people are experiencing housing and living difficulties.

In the face of the delay of the Tu Tao Company, people expect the project to implement quickly so that they have stable accommodation and they have reflected many times on agencies. However, instead of the investor accelerating the project progress, the authorities continue to adjust the project.

Southern project
Southern project after several revision

On 6/10/2016, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Ha Noi has the Notice No. 392 / TB-UBND agreeing on adjusting the scope, boundaries and area of land recovered under the project. This adjustment, the City agreed to separate three plots of land (I-B, VIII-A, VIII-B) out of the project scope. Two months later (2/12/2016), Hanoi Department of Planning and Architecture issued Official Letter No.7337 / QHKT-P2 agreeing on this adjustment at the request of Tu Tao Company in Official Letter No. 510 /CV-CTP.CP dated 12/10/2016 enclosed with the revised drawing of the scope, boundaries, land area, scale 1/500 by this company in 8/2016.

However, people do not understand why the authorities have “forgotten” the two plots of the two collective blocks of lots VIII-C2, VIII-C3 in the people are self-embellishment and resettlement in place, by decision number 4415 / QD-UB dated 13/11/1997 and Decision No. 58/2002 / QD-UB of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Ha Noi has two lots.

Tran Tien Dung, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Bach Khoa Ward, said that Tu Tu has extended its investment license several times. Previously, the company was assigned the entire project but was adjusted and gradually separated projects assigned to the concerned units. At present, Tu Tao is the owner of 3 land plots under the project, but not yet implemented.

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The Project South Of Dai Co Viet Street: The Question Mark From Several Planning Adjustments

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