The Property Market Is Dark In Binh Duong

Binh Duong’s land trading market seems gloomy. Although we have tried to improve a lot by implementing many projects both in terms of infrastructure and utility.

Real estate Binh Duong period flourishing

Looking back 6 years ago can see here is a potential market for real estate business. Binh Duong is right next to TP. Ho Chi Minh City, inherited and shared huge investment capital from this market, not to mention it is where the infrastructure development, synchronous planning, so the move is very convenient.

The peak for development is when people see the land of Binh Duong avenue seems to fire. And projects only need one to have a buyer. The buyers of Binh Duong land are becoming more active than ever.

Binh Duong real estate

Binh Duong administration house

One highlight that can not be ignored at that time was the birth of Di An city. Along with that is the construction of the administrative building. At this point, what people see is not the “e” but the burning of the project every time the market. The trading range is increasing day by day. Only investors participating is profitable, Real Estate Binh Duong as a wave attract investors.

Real estate situation in Binh Duong now

Yes, nothing is forever. We still think that nothing can stop the growth of Binh Duong’s housing market. But the golden age passes quickly make us have to wonder. Although the administration building has been in operation for 3 years, the surrounding projects are still absent. Although Binh Duong land is cheap, still no investor interest. The sale of land in Binh Duong is rare in the market.

First, we look at supply in the past. If you want to have the supply, then the demand must be much. However, perhaps the market is not too salty but with Binh Duong real estate. So, in the past time, almost no new projects have been built here. Is it possible to continue implementing existing projects? Few offer, trading land Binh Duong to build new projects almost dead foot in place.

Binh Duong real estate

Only in a short time, the market forces real estate Binh Duong almost paralysis

In the face of the catastrophe, many investors are no longer patient but hurry to run away, causing the market suddenly collapse rapidly. Product prices are constantly dropping, people come less then many people go. Only in a short time, the market power is almost paralyzed.

Many investors run losses before the speed of the fast down market of Binh Duong land, they have to accept the waiting line. Many people want to withdraw early to preserve the capital but willing to sell losses 1/3 of the purchase price of land but also difficult to find buyers. The cheap land market in Binh Duong is also coming from here.

So what is the main reason for this delay?

Although, 1 year ago when the real estate market TP. Ho Chi Minh City has signs of recovery, rising prices, … not to mention the time large real estate corporations from foreign countries such as Japan, Singapore, or Korea … committed to continuing to pour capital to build more zones industrial, urban areas, trade centers … However, the volume of transactions is not increasing as expected.

Explaining the situation, President of the Association of Real Estate Ho Chi Minh City – Le Hoang Chau said that a leading cause of the housing market in Binh Duong lost the confidence of investors, is the problem of bringing residents into urban areas.

Binh Duong real estate

For residents living in the east, the infrastructure needs to develop, especially the traffic

It can be seen that the city of Binh Duong, although more than 10 years have been formed, until now, this place is still deserted. Many urban areas fall into the situation of someone. Even the land of Binh Duong Avenue is not salty.

On the other hand, if a new urban area wants to develop and attract people to live, there must be development and improvement in infrastructure, including technical infrastructure and social infrastructure. In particular, the most important is transport infrastructure. It means that it must have and complete first.

In addition, the system of social infrastructure facilities such as recreation areas, health care centers, education systems, schools, markets, shops … must meet the needs living of people.

However, until now, Binh Duong is still lacking and weak in the above contents. This is probably the reason why residents do not really trust to choose this place to settle.

Hopefully, in the coming time there will be many transactions of Binh Duong land to rise, regain the prosperity, gold once in this land!

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