The Quality Gap Of Apartment Management

With hundreds of buildings, metropolitan areas mushroom after heavy rain in big cities, how to manage and operate these buildings to contribute to creating a civilized and safe living environment is not the small challenge.

On May 31st 1977, VNPT Building Management Limited Company (PMC) officially ceased its management operation at Song Hong 165 Park Lane building after more than 2 years replacing Homecare manages this building. The unit chosen to replace PMC is Homecare.

The unit involved in operating and operating a lot of buildings such as Keangnam Palace, Ecolife Tay Ho, Ecolife Capital, Eco Green City, Five Star Kim Giang, Baoviet Building, Hung Binh Tower, The Garden, Vietinbank Tower … but Song Hong Parkview is probably the most aching with the PMC.

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Specifically, PMC has been repeatedly parked by residents of Song Hong Parkview about the banning of residents to park the car in the basement, charging inaccuracies, collecting money out of invoices. Even, the PMC’s protections were blamed by residents for bleeding early in mid-May 2017. These disputes may be the reason why PMC has to put an end to operational management at Song Hong Parkview Condominium.

Quality Management Apartment

The gap in the quality of condominium management

Meanwhile, in 310 Minh Khai apartment, although the ad management unit is a professional operation manager, according to residents, the quality of service provided by this unit differs greatly from the advertising and commitment. Accordingly, from the reception of management to the operation to date, the management has caused the theft of car parts sent in the car bunkers several times.

Similarly, at Van Quan – Yen Phuc Urban Area (Ha Dong District), it is one of the first point projects that make up the name of the Corporation for Housing and Urban Development (HUD). However, from the time of operation, this urban area is constantly reflected residents of the quality of the degraded buildings and poor management services.

The inadequacies of the quality of the building, the management services of the building and the extension of the management’s business lease caused inconsistencies between residents and investors exploding in 2014, but to date, these shortcomings have not been resolved definitely.

The story of the 5.3 hectares Dich Vong resettlement site project managed by Hanoi Housing Development and Management Company is also very annoying for residents here. As reflected by the residents, despite having paid a 2% maintenance fee, for about a decade now, almost common property equipment has not been maintained by the building maintenance unit. Due to the lack of maintenance, two lifts of the N02 Building, which was “creaking”, were damaged, causing the residents to encounter many difficulties. However, up to several months later, the new management appointed people to replace the new elevator.

Quality Management Apartment

Condominium management does not simply require complex operations

According to Ms. Vu Kieu Hanh, Head of Savills Property Management Hanoi, Vietnam’s real estate market is in a strong development stage as more and more apartment and office projects come into exploitation and operation. However, the lack of professionalism in management can be considered as one of the causes of disputes between residents and management units as has occurred in some recent projects.

Currently, the management of apartment buildings has been “legislated”, but the concept of real estate management seems to still be understood in general terms. For example, Circular 02/2016 / TT-BXD provides that, in order to be able to operate the operation of condominium operation, only one qualified entity must be a legal entity operating under the Law on Enterprises or the Law on Cooperation, registered the function of managing condominium operation or the function of managing real estate; Members of the board of directors and staff working in professional sections and sections must have professional qualifications.

“If only the above regulation, almost any business can operate and manage apartment buildings, while this is a complex activity.” Ms. Hanh said, and added, apartment management is a complex chain of activities that require a high degree of specialization, expertise is a part, another part should be the acumen, understanding the characteristics of each apartment from high to high to low.

According to Hanh, in developed countries, management units have to train very rigorously about the style and professional staff. Thus, to ensure operation, management of apartment buildings properly, cost savings.

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