The Questions About The Vincity Apartment

The cheap Vin City apartment and the questions of people which are answered by the Real Estate Professionals.

The cheap apartment is the apartment getting the quality of planning is not good. It is often located in remote areas where also has nothing. That is the notion of cheap housing before. When participating in the segment of housing for people with low and middle incomes, the Vin Group hopes that this notion will be changed with the VinCity apartment project which will be implemented in several provinces of the country.

What is the cheap VinCity apartment?

With the average income, people will have the opportunity to own the Vincity apartment with good prices, remarkable quality and full utility system. This is thing having no investors used to do before.

View detail information of Vincity District 9 here:

The locality was selected to build the VinCity.

Vin City apartment

VinCity project stretches across provinces in Vietnam

According to the latest information from the investor, there will have about 200 000 – 300 000 cheap Vincity apartments developed in the cities such as Sai Gon, Hai Phong, Ha Noi, Nha Trang, Hung Yen, Ha Tinh and Thanh Hoa. In each city, the VinCity will be plan and build in the location of the mean different strategies. In Ha Noi, the VinCity is built in Gia Lam and Dan Phuong. In Ho Chi Minh City, the VinCity is built in District 7 and District 9 which far from the city center to avoid traffic jam in the city.

What are the guarantees of the investor for the clients?

The VinGroup will change to help the clients buying the apartment can use the good services, however the area will be smaller.

Buying the aparment which people feel very properly is what the VinCity apartment projects would like to bring to the customers.

The average price is 30 795 USD, the VinCity is cheap apartment model focusing on the quantity of the clients with the commitment of quality and utility system from the Vingroup.

How are the VinCity apartment developed with the scale and the quality?

Vin City apartment

overview of VinCity project located at District 9, Ho Chi Minh City

Currently, the VinCity apartment project is planned and it will be build in the early of 2017

The Vincity project will be built with large area about 50-300 hectares. The VinCity apartment is a cluster of high-rise buildings with the height from 22 to 25 floors in the complex project with building density is only 20-25%. This is especially important emphasis of the VinCity in the project

The VinGroup is built as the synchronistic urban including landscape design, utility systems and operational management services. This shows that the VinCity is the difference, the VinCity residents will be lived in a green space with full of high-end utilities.

With the large scale, the Vingroup will apply the policy of self-produced raw materials along with cost savings in shipping and just use some certain interior design modes. This will help Vincity saving 10-20% of the cost and so the quality of the Vincity will be guaranteed while the advantage of keeping prices firm.

The apartment has many kinds with the area from 35-90 sqm meeting the needs of housing for many families.

How is the utility system of the Vincity built?

Vin City apartment

The full benefits will bring VinCity prosperity to the residents

According to the VinGroup, the VinCity will inherit the outstanding of Vinhomes including:

Quality assurance – Vinhomes brand was confirmed. Full amenities in the VinCity area which is the element helping the VinCity in the strong competition with other projects in the same cheap segment.

The representative of the VinGroup stressed that the desire of the group is to meet business requirements and bring to better life for everyone.

According to that criterion, the project of cheap apartment VinCity will be planned with a model of modern and closed urban area, in which ensures the quality of apartments and adequate essential utilities for residents.

Besides the design, construction of green landscaping, the project also spends a lot of space on roads to avoid traffic jams that often occur in low-cost commercial projects.

How is the price of the Vincity?

Depending on the regional and location of the VinCity project, the price of apartment will vary with an estimated cost of 572USD – 835USD/ sqm. As in provinces with cheap land, Vincity apartments will cost between 22,995 – 30,795 USD/ unit, while in big cities like HaNoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the price may be around 30,795 – 43,992 USD/ unit

To own an apartment Vincity, the client has to pay approximately 30% of the value of the apartment, the rest 70% can loan the bank. With secure incomes about 879 USD/month can payment stability for the bank. As a result, the buyer need to care is income to loan from the bank.

See more market information at: Vietnam Real Estate Market

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