The Range Of Gold Helps The Real Estate Price Increase

The real estate is considered extremely attractive to invest by the huge price increase opportunities. Because they are products located in the heart of the city, less than 3 km from the metro, or 1-2 km to the belt road, or walk 500m to 1 km to the bus stop …

According to many real estate experts, the prerequisite to the value of real estate is the location, however, the concept of the center has expanded greatly with the development process of the city. Accordingly, the golden radius of real estate products is also changing day by day. Here are ways to position the ideal radius of real estate:

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The standard gauge is the urban heart

The gold price helps the real estate price increase

The closer the property is to the center, the higher the price

Real estate located right in the heart of the city is the ideal location for ever-increasing property values. This is considered to be the best distance. The value of these properties is often huge because of the “unique” asset class, increasingly scarce. This also explains why real estate has a prime location on the land of gold is often sought with high prices.

Localization – foreign capital city

Golden radius will be divided into 3 segments depending on pocket money. In particular, the golden radius of real estate in the premium segment is usually 3-5 km from the city center. The intermediate real estate has to go a little further with a favorable radius of 5-10 km, while lowland real estate has a range of up to 13-20 km. In the suburbs, the distance to the center from the place of residence can be as high as 25 km.

Referral systems are urban services and facilities

The best distance from the house to the park, school, hospital, shopping center is 1-2 km, but the distance to the entertainment can stretch the radius 3-5 km. Meanwhile, the distance from home to the market as close as possible will be beneficial because the commercial value of the property will increase sharply over time. The price of the houses located in the market, near the market, from the market from a few dozen to several hundred meters, even a few kilometers often very high for convenience.

The landmark is the transport infrastructure

The ideal distance from home to bus routes is from 500m to 1km moving. The house is located less than 3 km from the stations, stations, and subways of the metro, which is considered the most convenient. However, the 5 km distance traveled by private means is also acceptable. As for highways that have little influence on urban transit and only affect regional links, distance issues do not need to be heavy. Meanwhile, the distance of houses to the expressway should not be too close, because, it may be subject to negative impact from noise, dust. As for the ring road, the distance is thought to be the best from home to this route within a radius of 1-2 km.

The gold price helps the real estate price increase

Metro adjacent projects will have high value in the long term

Need to locate the safe radius with real estate around the industrial zone

The real estate block located close to the armpit of an industrial park is not considered to be a gold mine because it has to take into account pollution, traffic congestion, evils, and social environmental complexity. Therefore, the distance is thought to be the best from housing to industrial parks at least about 5 km from the buffer zone (green spaces are isolated).

There is a change in the gold range for riverfront real estate

Houses or projects adjacent to the waterfront or a few tens of meters of water before are very popular because of the cool. Up to now, this distance has been stretched or pushed to higher levels due to tides, landslides, waste and water pollution. Therefore, the norms for real estate forming along the river are also becoming more rigorous than solid embankments, or quality built houses and a safe distance from a few kilometers or more.

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