The Real Estate In The East Of Ha Noi – How Does Its Countenance Change?

The growth of the real estate in Ha Noi gradually experiences an enormous climb, especially in the Southeast of the city.

Along with the formation of Thanh Tri, Vinh Tuy, Nhat Tan, the set of architectural planning evaluates that the property market in the East of Ha Noi is having a lot of potentials to develop. Many investors have been considering and starting to invest their fund in this area, which shows by these realities.

The value of the real estate in the East of Ha Noi is rising.

The specific number of this upturn is about 10 percent. The area of this place consists of about 11 kilometers along the Red River, with the distance from Thang Long bridge to Long Bien bridge is still under-researched to plan for the urban area project, architectural landscape, infrastructure and create a high quality in the living standard at the center of the urban area.

East of Hanoi Real Estate

Growth of real estate in Hanoi

As many real estate experts evaluated, the development of Ha Noi’s East is basing on nature. With the rapid increase of traffic’s infrastructure and the clear between two sides along of the Red River, the Eastern bank will be the next main point to be developed of the market, especially when the center is Long Bien district. Moreover, this area has an ideal position adjoining to Hoan Kiem district and the center of the internal historical place. This helps the locals here to travel to the central area easier, which take no more than 10 minutes. Especially, some new modern traffic project such as Ngoc Thuy-Thach Ban route with the length of 40 meters connecting Vinh Tuy and Thanh Tri bridge, Thach Ban – Co Linh route, etc. This provides the locals with more pleasant to drive when the road is no longer too crowded or the feelings that whether it is the internal or external area of the center.

On the other, nowadays, the deal of the residential land, as well as property’s segmentation in the Eastern area, is clearly increasing. Specifically, the price of exchange has an upward trend and fluctuates at around between 5 percent and 10 percent comparing to the old price.

As an example, some high-ranking villa like Vinhomes Riverside also increases its price from 1 percent to 2 percent and is expected to rise later. The reason for this is that this place is considered as the most synchronous, modern and worth living residential quarter in the capital at present, thanks to the synchronization in every aspect from technical infrastructure to social utility, perfect urban services and so on.

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All project in the East is widely considered from every customer.

The purchasing house’s trend in the modern utility’s population is leading the real estate in the South growing sharply.

Specifically, all the houses here have been completed inside a green urban area with a large area of trees and adequate infrastructure facilities, utilities which are hunting by many customers. Another reason for that is most of the buyers in these times want to find a house for their living so they will be more focusing on the view, living environment as well as the other everyday utility’s services.

One of the most standout projects is Vinhomes Riverside with extraordinary advantages about top full infrastructure’s service system in Viet Nam including commercial center, school, supermarket, hospital, and entertainment zone. Even though the price of the deal is increasing, villas in the Southern area still on point of being hunted. Besides the high infrastructure system, investors of Vingroup is also the vanguard of the trend of creating the enjoyment for the locals, the new lifestyle, new needs and erasing in the people mind about the thought of a house just for living. With more than 60 percent of trees and water supply, residents here live not only in luxuries but also with nature and enjoy more high-standard utility’s service to live healthily and live happily.

East of Hanoi Real Estate

Vinhomes Riverside Project Real Estate Market

Moreover, all customers will feel very secure if they choose this place as their home because of a united and close-knit community, many synchronous utilities and the continuous upgrade from the investors for landscapes, construction of more new utilities, for example, Almaz international quality food area. Furthermore, the traffic in the South area is more favorable so people now rushing to find for their own a house in this place although the price is on their upward trend.

As we can see that nowadays there are more and more people choosing the East of Ha Noi to be their home since the area is forming a new living standard and the price is also very sensible. At present, the cost of an apartment is growing for some big project of famous investors which provides us with many useful utilities and various kind of auxiliaries. Basing on these reasons, the property market is becoming the new focal point of Ha Noi’s market.

The real estate’s market in the East of Ha Noi will be experiencing an enormous growth and becoming an ideal place for anyone want to buy a house.

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