The real estate market in the half end of 2018 decreases?

Many experts predict the housing market in the second half of 2018 may go down after the incident at the Carina apartment. However, the reality is in reverse.

The real estate market is still vibrant

In the first half of 2018, the housing market in the city. Ho Chi Minh City decreased compared with the same period in 2017. According to reports of the Association of Real Estate City. Ho Chi Minh City (HoREA), the number of qualified projects launched into the market is 29, down 9.4% compared with projects launched in the same period in 2017. The number of apartments launched to the market decreased to 44, 5% over the same period of 2017.

Remarkably, all three segments of high-end, middle-end and low-end apartments have fallen sharply, of which the 1,881 units were launched, down 69.7% 6,206 units in the same period of 2017. The average apartment occupies only 20.5%, down nearly half compared to the same period of 2017.

It can be seen that after the fire in Carina Plaza (District 8) in March with the coastal land fever, plus information related to investment opportunities in the EEZ has little impact on customer psychology. Therefore, the owner must wait for the appropriate time to introduce the product.

Real estate investment

Real estate investment

Real estate investment in the second half of 2018 is still exciting with many projects and complete infrastructure.

In addition, many investors pay attention to complete legal procedures before introducing products to the market should be considered as the cause of the supply of apartments is reduced.

Many experts said that the real estate market in the second half of 2018 may continue to slow down and show signs of going down but reality is proving the opposite. On June 28, Empire City launched Cove Residences (MU 11) with 137 properties. This is a low-rise apartment located on the front of Nha Rong Port. Immediately after the introduction date, the apartments were booked by customers.

On June 30, the MapleStone has officially opened two Ciel and Jardin towers under the One Verandah apartment project (District 2). Total number of openings for sale this time is 196 units, selling price is in the range of VND65 – 75 million / sqm. A lot of customers are interested and ordered in the day of launch.

As can be seen, the heat of the apartment project has not cooled, demand of customers is still high. This positive signal predicts that the second half of 2018 will continue to prosper with many projects.

Positive signs of the market in the second half of 2018

The real estate market in the second half of 2018 could receive a lot of “waves” as infrastructure in large cities invested by real estate is a planned product, transportation infrastructure, urban infrastructure.

Ho Chi Minh City has announced many new plans with radial roads, large roads. In particular, the areas of Thanh My Loi and Cat Lai have benefited from the impetus of infrastructure development, the real estate will be exciting and the price increases.

Condominium segment will continue to tend to be stable both in supply and demand. The projects approved by the city government authorities will come out next time. In particular, the structure of affordable housing will be promoted more to meet the needs of the majority of residents, high liquidity, the transaction volume is expected to be stable. The high-end housing has not shown signs of cooling.

Meanwhile, the land market, with the project implemented in accordance with the plan will continue to develop as the original target. Especially, spontaneous land will be forced to “freeze” due to the policies promulgated clearly, in violation of the law will have to bear the consequences, even land will be recovered to develop in accordance with planning. In addition, demand for condotel condominium projects is generally good. However, it may reduce the amount of heat compared to the same period last year due to the difficult access to credit with higher interest rates.

Areas in HCMC Ho Chi Minh City is predicted to be exciting in 2018, Thu Thiem (the center of the East and Ho Chi Minh City), District 8 (promising to become attractive because it is connected to the central district , with lower price than District 7, District 9).

Besides, the real estate projects are located on Nguyen Van Linh, Nguyen Luong Bang, Nguyen Huu Tho and a series of streets in Nha Be district which is forecasted to break through in the South in 2018.

Some projects will be launched in the second half of 2018:

Empire City: Scale: 3,787

Project Empire City (District 2)

Empire City project

The project is located between the Eco Smart City complex (Zone 2a), Sports Complex (Zone 2c) and park adjacent to the Saigon River.

Empire City includes 3,787 luxury apartments, hotels, offices, retail space and 86-story high-rise towers.

Eco Smart City: Scale: 12,500 units

Eco Smart City

Perspective of Eco Smart City project in Thu Thiem

Eco Smart City is located in functional area 2A of Thu Thiem peninsula, District 2 – HCMC. Ho Chi Minh. Thu Thiem urban area is planned to be the new administrative center of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh, is considered “Hong Kong” by Ho Chi Minh.

With a good  position, the project is located opposite District 1 – the administrative center of the city, in front of Mai Chi Tho – an important traffic in District 2.

Gem Riverside:Scale: 3,100 units

Perspective model apartment Gem Riverside

Perspective model apartment Gem Riverside

Gem Riverside is the first luxury apartment project of Dat Xanh in District 2. Located on an area of ​​6.7 hectares in South Rach Chiec area, close to Giong Ong To River, Gem Riverside project includes 12 towers with 3,175 There are 34 duplex villas and 96 penthouses.

Master An Phu: Scale: 1,100 units

Masteri An Phu

Masteri An Phu project

Masteri An Phu is conveniently located for easy access to District 1 centers and neighboring districts, just minutes to key areas such as Bitexco Building, Ben Thanh Market, District 7. Adjacent to A series of services and facilities in the Thao Dien area: swimming pool, gym, spa, supermarket, school

Q2 Thao Dien: Scale: 315 apartments

The project consists of 32 floors with 2 blocks totaling 315 luxury apartments. The project also includes 6 villas and 12 townhouses.

Fraser q2 Thao Dien apartment project

Fraser q2 Thao Dien apartment project

Located in a high-class residential area of ​​Thao Dien ward, District 2, Q2 Thao Dien project only 20 minutes to District 1, 7 minutes to Vincom Mega. An Phu subway station is also within 500m, when completed, it takes only 7 minutes to move to the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

Victoria Village: Size: 1,000 units

victoria village

Victoria Village project

Victoria Village high-end residential complex is located in front of Dong Van Cong street, adjacent to Mai Chi Tho street (Thanh My Loi street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh city). The project fully inherits the value of East of Ho Chi Minh City with the advantage of connecting a number of neighboring utility groups.

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