The Reasons Why You Should Buy Vinhomes Landmark Riverside

Since September 2016, Vingroup has officially opened Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside, the newest serviced apartment is located in the most beautiful location in the Vinhomes Central Park.

Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside is located next to the Saigon River, which offers the panoramic view of the river and the park of the Central Park. Thanks to the most favorable location, the Riverside has reaped the need to own the most luxury apartments when apartment fund in the Vinhomes Central Park project is not so many choices in mid-2016. In order to meet the demand of owning beautifully positioned and good-value apartments for customers, since September 2016, Vingroup has launched the Quan Cang Building, which is the new apartment in the chain of Vinhomes apartments.

Here are the reasons why many customers are pleased to spend money to own the apartment in the Riverside project coming out in the market.

The first reason is the very favorable position of the Quan Cang Building

Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside is located at the intersection of the Vinhomes Central Park project. That is the reason why Vinhomes Landmark Riverside has the extremely beautiful view that faces the romantic Saigon River. There is the view looking out to Central Park with a large area of ​​14 hectares and next to the Vinhomes Central Park luxurious villa. Next to the Landmark 81, there is a full complement of the services, recreation and shopping for residents here. With this extremely advantageous position, it will create a lot of opportunities for customers as well as investors.

Landmark Riverside apartment in Vinhomes Central Park

The second reason is the variety of areas and the prices of the apartments

Ownership of small-size apartments will lead to significantly lower apartment prices. Accordingly, a one-bedroom apartment with the area of 44sqm is very attractive to customers and investors, especially for those who want to live alone and the newlyweds. For the two-bedroom apartment, the investor puts out an area of ​​74sqm that a lot of customers look for buying to settle. However, the most popular type of apartment is the three-bedroom apartment with the area of 90sqm.

The third reason is the modern comfort in each apartment

All apartments in Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside are equipped fully with 5-star furniture. They are all equipped with intelligent electrical appliances, which provide convenience to your home. This is a positive factor that customers decide to buy an apartment in the Riverside.

The fourth reason is the convenient traffic

Although the Quan Cang Building is far from the whole villa project but is located very close to one of the main gate of the urban area. With the Metro 5 under construction, there will be a lot of transportation and it will help you to connect quickly to any area in the city or to any central positions.

nice view Landmark Riverside apartment at location Ho Chi Minh City

The fifth reason is the commitment of the investor

Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside is one of two serviced apartment buildings that Vingroup is committed to renting apartments with the value up to 20% / 2years in value of apartments. The first apartment of the Landmark Plus is now empty.

The sixth reason is the payment schedule

This is the last semi-open apartment building of the largest project of the Vinhomes Central Park, so the payment schedule for customers buying apartments here is much more flexible, which makes the payment more comfortable.

The last is the support policy

Just like any other projects before, when buying an apartment of the Quan Cang building, you will get a loan of up to 70% of the value of the apartment and you can just pay all in 2 years.This is a great way to ease the burden for the customer.

The Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside has been built as the multi-functional 5-star serviced apartment complex in the Vinhomes Central Park project. The Landmark Riverside apartment is the smart choice, the easy investment to bring the highest return. You also do not have to think or bother about spending more money to invest in the decoration of apartments because all furniture has been designed by the designers with the best products, which bring the most comfortable, modern, comfortable living experience with 5-star hotel standard.

Vinhomes Central Park is a perfect choice and it will bring the classy lifestyle to the residents.

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