The Rich In Saigon Buy Frontage Street House To Save

Previously, the street side of Ho Chi Minh City has always been one of the most sustainable and valuable property segments even as the real estate market plummeted.

There are times, even money, but buyers are also difficult to buy frontage street house because few people want to sell.

Saigon rich people compete to buy the street side

Those who are in the hands of tens of billion and more are investing heavily in frontage street house because it is a safe haven

Mr. P (39 years old) is a director of a food company, has withdrawn his savings at a bank for many years to buy a house in front of VND18 billion at Tran Quang Khai Street, District 1, HCMC, despite the modest expensive renting compared to long-term interest rates.

This townhouse has a land area of 90sqm, a ground floor, 3 floors for rent nearly 3,000 USD per month.

According to calculations of Mr. P, the annual savings account he collected from this capital reached nearly one billion, higher than the rent for frontage street house (only about VND700 million per year). However, he chose to pour money into the property for the purpose of finding safe haven.

Similarly, Ms. H is the financial director of a foreign household goods company in HCM City, also choosing a frontage street house as a safe haven for large capital flows.

At the beginning of the third quarter of 2016, her family gathered all the idle cash flow in the bank, selling a car alley and 2 luxury apartments in District 7 to accrue money to buy a house in front of Le Quang Dinh Street., Binh Thanh district, worth VND15 billion.

In the first months of 2016, the demand for hunting frontage street house at the cost of tens of billions or more is quite loud. There is deals worth up to several tens of billion and most of the purchase to rent rather than to live.

One real estate expert said that most of the houses face high prices, so only the group of investors rich people can afford to own, a scenery of frontage street house is very rich in the near future.

This is the type of real estate to take advantage of, maximize the business, from buying and retailing foodstuffs, food services, to corporate offices, schools … This has formed lifestyle “home culture”.

You can read more information at Vietnam Real Estate Investment

Saigon rich people compete to buy the street side


According to this expert, there are 3 outstanding advantages of the front of the home makes investors interested in this type of real estate.

First of all, the frontage street house is a complex type of property with unique versatility. Homeowners can use a combination of multiple purposes at the same time as they can on the upper floors, rent ground floor or rent the whole unit. A frontage street house is also very easy to rent and quite a price.

Second, townhouses that are inherently less scarce over time, may even shrink over time. This is a great advantage for homeowners or homeowners who own a home for their unique property.

Moreover, street houses are considered as the most stable product line because they are resistant to inflation and inflation. A frontage street house is also leading in terms of price increases relative to other types of real estate, outperforming completely with apartments, villas, houses, land plots.

It is the habit of doing business follow the street frontage of the Vietnamese people have made a frontage street house still maintain and enhance value.

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