The Secret Of Selecting Trendy Tiles For The House

A beautiful house is a suitable design, beautiful, spacious airspace and special indispensable tiles fashionable. Just like clothes to decorate people, brick tiles play an important role in shaping the space, creating aesthetics for your home.

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Select stylish tiles for the house

The variety of tiles

Knowing the secret to choosing tiles for the house will help you have a beautiful and luxurious space.

Select tiles suitable for each space

The choice of tiles suitable for each space and with the use features will help a lot for people. Depending on the characteristics of each apartment as well as the indoor area, we have the choice of tiles to fit and flexible.

Select tiles suitable for each living space

The living room is considered the center of the house. This is a place for the whole family to meet, to meet friends or receive guests. Therefore, choosing tiles with rich colors, elegant and space will make the room more luxurious and eye-catching but also cozy.

Dining with the Vietnamese is where we all gather together for a family meal. Therefore, choose tiles with patterns, colors simple, light.

Bed space is a place for us to rest and relax after the tired working hours. Therefore, the secret to choosing tiles suitable for the bedroom is brick with smooth or slightly patterned texture to help glittering objects in the room.

For the most appropriate brick tiles are designed with a high degree of roughness and roughness to prevent slipping danger to family members. Bathroom tiles should choose a light color, smooth color without pattern or dark color will make the feeling dirty and glitzy.

If you have space outside the yard, garden tiles are suitable tiles are natural bricks, high waterproofing ability, natural colors create a natural feel, comfortable for the outside space.

Select tiles according to Feng Shui of the home

For Oriental culture in general and Vietnamese in general, feng shui plays a big role in their beliefs and business direction. Choosing tiles suitable for the network or feng shui of the house help homeowners feel secure and bring more luck to their work and life.

Select stylish tiles for the house

Yellow tiles for homeowners

Today, to serve the needs of customers many types of tiles are designed specifically for feng shui born. There are some types of tiles in feng shui current popular such as tiles color iridescent, yellow, brown for the fate Kim; green tiles, brown for the fate of the Wood; Ceramic tiles dark blue, black for the Destined Marine …

Some other note when choosing to buy tiles

Important note when choosing to buy tiles suitable for your home is that we should choose tiles with harmonious colors, should not choose bricks too flashy to create dizziness, discomfort. However, it is not so that you choose the brick color is tedious, deep, dark makes space becomes bored.

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As with usage, the size of tiles is also important in each area. Choosing large size tiles will help expand the space of the house. However, with the large house but few people in, the choice of brick size is too large to create a cold space, lack of people. For a bedroom or bathroom, selecting small to medium sized tiles will provide a warm and safe feeling for homeowners.

Select stylish tiles for the house

Large tiles for extra space

Many people do not have the knowledge of selecting tiles should be embarrassing because they do not know how many tiles to buy tiles. So, do not be afraid to bring the drawing or the area of the building up to the brick supply shop. There you will help you calculate the number of bricks to buy the most suitable to avoid excess but save money.

Select tiles as well as choose a set of clothes. The suit is beautiful when it meets the fit of the body, with elegant colors, suitable to bring comfort to both the wearer and the look. Brick tiles are just as beautiful when it suits and beautify the space of your house.

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