The Secret To Helping Small Motel Room Is Still Pretty

How to make the room even small but still beautiful is the common problem of many people. Because rooms are often limited space, not bring much sense of relaxation and rest.

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If you are having problems with the room layout you can try starting with the tips below.

  1. Choose bright colors for your room

Start with the simplicity of color choices. Bright colors will be a smart choice if your room is not too wide. Using colors such as blue, green, white, turquoise and combining with some of the deep colors of the room will make you brighter and more comfortable.

Small room decoration

Choose bright colors for your room

Besides, it is also possible to use special decorative motifs. Add more vibrancy and refresh your room.

2. Keep it neat and tidy

Neatness always accounts for 50% of the house’s beauty. And the remaining 50% is based on proper furnishings and arrangements. Therefore, with the rental room cannot change much, then we should try to keep order.

Small room decoration

Orderliness will make the room much nicer

Try to make the most of space to store your belongings. Classify items according to their intended use. Avoid excessive use of decor if the room is not too large. Simplifying all unnecessary furniture is a way to make the interior look more compact and beautiful

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  1. Do not ignore any gaps

As mentioned in secret No. 2, the tidiness impact not small room space. Therefore, if you want to have a clean room when there are too many things, use the secret number 3: do not ignore any gaps.

Small room decoration

Take advantage of space to store items

Use spaces such as under the bed, the top of the cabinet to store furniture. This way the room is not cluttered because of many items, but also avoid dust, cause hygiene.

  1. Know how to arrange items

The secret of many things that look neat is to use items such as boxes and rational. You should classify furniture and divide them according to purpose. For example, items for working needs such as papers, pens, books should be arranged on a small price. They help you find things more easily without cluttering your desk.

Small room decoration

The idea of arranging desk, desk

  1. Minimalism is never superfluous

With small space, try to minimize your furniture. The “minimalist” style in the interior is also very popular and uses a lot of space is often tight and small. Moderation of unnecessary items will help space not become cluttered while increasing the feeling of spacious and airy. So do not be tempted to bring all the furniture into the room, but choose the most necessary.

Small room decoration

Few things will make the room spacious

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