The Secret To Rent Rooms In Binh Thanh For New Students

Being in the center of many universities and colleges, the demand for Binh Thanh accommodation is always high, but finding a room is not easy.

Recently, the case of a group of people used to rent rooms in Binh Thanh cheap to deceive, robbed the deposit of students has caused a lot of pressing in the public. This problem partly proves that the management of the city is not good, partly demonstrating the skills of the students are poor, easily deceived by the ways of the cheap room rental.

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So how not to be fooled by this complex social conditions like this? Let’s find Vietnam real estate direction!

Find accommodations from acquaintances

Students from the province to the city to find rooms in Binh Thanh is certainly not avoid the surprise, so find an acquaintance, it may be relatives, friends or sisters on lock – who have to live in the city for some time. They will have the experience of finding the right accommodation for you and minimizing the risk.

The secret to rent rooms in Binh Thanh for new students

Ask a friend to find room to reduce the risk of renting rooms in Binh Thanh

However, in some cases, acquaintances may also be hostels, they are linked to fraud and misappropriation of students, so we still need to pay attention to many other factors.

It is necessary to have a lease

Even if you rent a cheap motel, you have to have a lease, as it is the basis for proof of agreement on prices, deposits and interests of the two parties. Absolutely no deposit payment without a lease.

When holding the contract of renting rooms in Binh Thanh, read carefully each clause, avoid the case of ambiguous terms, carrying many meanings can be disadvantageous when the dispute.

The secret to rent rooms in Binh Thanh for new students

A lease agreement is a basis for the benefit of both parties

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Rental contracts for low-cost rooms with a term of over 6 months must be notarized, and the landlord must assist the tenants on procedures for temporary residence registration in the rented area. These are the things you need to know to ensure the benefits for students to rent.

Learn about your lodging

For students, being alone in one room is very expensive, so renting a room for two or more people is extremely common. Even though it helps to share costs, there are many risks involved in the mismatch. Most common are the thefts and the drowning. To avoid this, students need to thoroughly investigate the hometown, the information about the roommate, and at the same time, personal property should be careful, avoiding the gap will make the enemy floating Cupid.

The secret to rent rooms in Binh Thanh for new students

Be careful with your roommate

Also, for first-year students, they should look for a room near the school and stay with the host, although many do not like it, but for newcomers to get used to the hustle and bustle of life. This is the safest way for new students.

Student life is full of difficulties, but it will bring them a lot of valuable experience. Prepare your spirit and bravery to overcome this time offline.

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