The Secret To Your House Is Always Light

Natural light not only brings beautiful beauty to the beautiful space but also help your family members healthier.

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The beautiful house can not lack natural light – this is probably everyone knows, but reluctantly, the area is small, the house is built in deep alleyway hun should have to accept dark living space. Do not worry, just finish reading this article and you will definitely have some great ideas to improve the lighting of your home. Please follow me!

Use tempered glass to bring light to the home

In recent years, toughened glass is a very popular material in the field of architecture – construction. The highlight of toughened glass is the ability to create airy spaces, increase natural light for an interior, sound insulation, very good insulation and make your apartment more luxurious.

Many people are concerned about the safety of this material. However, it was created by me at a temperature of 700 degrees Celsius, then cooled quickly, able to withstand several times the normal glass. When there is a very strong impact on the toughened glass, it may break but it will form round glass, which is less likely to cause damage.

The secret to your home is always light


Design of stairwells

The staircase is the perfect way to suck up the light for a beautiful home in the busy streets. With this design, all floors of the house are illuminated by sunlight from the roof of the sky wells. At the bottom of the well, the family can also arrange garden, fish tank or opening.

The secret to your home is always light

A unique design of the skylight

However, when building a skylight, pay attention to the roof and drainage system to prevent water from entering the house when it rains.


Do not forget the window frames

The experience of buying a nice house shows that the more windows the more light is. If your home does not have many windows, you can increase the size of your window frames. The window should be made of tempered glass, inside has the curtain to avoid sunshine of the sun at noon – afternoon.

The secret to your home is always light

The house has many windows that help increase the natural light

Create space between the rooms

Nowadays, when designing a nice house, people often create a spacious space by arranging interconnected rooms, such as living room with dining room, kitchen. Alternatively, transparent glass can be used to separate rooms. Only in the bedroom should not apply this way because it needs to ensure privacy for people.

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Use bright colors

When your home cannot use these ways, you can also create a more light-sensitive space by using paint colors, including white, cream, beige or light blue. This is also a way to expand space for narrow homes to be applied quite commonly.

The secret to your home is always light

Use bright colors to help bright and spacious living space

So, with just a few variations in the design of small houses, your small house will be completely stripped. Are you ready for this change?

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