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The Secret When Buying A Condo – About Feng Shui

The secret when buying a condo - about Feng Shui

The conception of conventional feng shui condominiums: Many people believe that buildings only determine the direction of the apartment from the frequency of the frequency of 1 to 9.

Then, the direction of the apartment will coincide with the direction of the whole building. With floor 10 and above, the direction of the apartment no longer depends on the direction of the building because of such height, the apartment is no longer affected by the “land energy, gas of the land” so buyers do not need concerned about its direction. Instead, the current direction of such high-rise apartments will be seen as the direction that is sufficient for the widest view of the home. For example, the direction of the project building The River City District 7 Block L, overlooking the entire Saigon River between the center of South Saigon area.

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However, according to some feng shui experts like Mr.Bui Nghiep, there are now many different ways of understanding the direction of an apartment. With the universal view as above, determining the direction will cause inaccuracy. This can easily lead to defects in the interior design of the owner of the apartment and be causing in Feng Shui.

The secret when buying a condo - about Feng Shui
To get the right perspective, we need to understand the nature of the main house where the “gas” is loaded into the home.

 Movement and interaction, human life is the source of the “gas” in relation to the house, to make the life of the house. According to the concept, a door is a new home, no door is not home. The house has ten thousand windows without a door, not a house! With better and better-living conditions, the living area is not necessarily so large as it used to be for large condominiums, complexes of various types of services, The house has only one entrance door, but if it does not have a window or balcony, it will still be considered as a house, but it will not be good for the feng shui because the air enters without going out. , no interference, changeable. Therefore, the main door plays a very important role. Therefore, “INTRODUCING DIRECTION” takes the main door as the basis of this basic.

The view of the direction of the window or the balcony is the main thing would be unreasonable if placed in an indoor area such as the bedroom. According to this argument, the door to the bedroom will not matter and affect as much as the window directly on the bed, so that with the door directly into the bed causes insecurity. When the window shines on it brings many good things, which are beneficial in Feng Shui.

It is from such complexity and anxiety that through many cases of consulting with customers, Vietnamrealestate has synthesized the information that is considered useful and necessary for home buyers to grasp and easily control life. It’s basic feng shui.

  1. Location and energy of the building

The energy of the building affects all the flats inside, so obviously we do not control the main feng shui from the path of the building, so consider the following:

+ Failure to enter the building is clean, well lit

+ Located in a safe, friendly

These two lead to the concept of “Light” – the most important in Feng Shui. An empty area without Light despite many beautiful spots is still considered not good.

For apartment buildings, Light is counted as a vacant lot in front of it – it can be a green park, ideally a lake for recreation, recreation, and backward, creating Good visibility for outsiders when approaching. This is an important criterion when choosing an apartment for a living.

With such considerations, Vietnamrealestate has explored and filtered out one of the buildings that met such rigorous living standards and even better than The River City. The project is a combination of natural harmony with modern life with countless green patches, in the middle of the area is the artificial inland sea, surrounded by the SAI GON River which borders 3 sides of the building – This creates great feng shui advantage for the residents here with four faces for sunshine, wind, water – Location is in the prime area of the South.

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  1. Choose the direction of the apartment

The direction of the apartment is directed straight to the main entrance of the apartment building, the other way of communication is considered secondary direction. Therefore, the apartment has long face toward the south or south is the direction to welcome the wind, the light is flooded and stable. The edges, short angles – Head back – turn in the bad direction will minimize the hot wind and sunny west – The sun in the afternoon, hot and fatigue. For buildings with long exposed faces to the east, the building should have solutions to help heat from the sun, green design, … to minimize the ability to catch the hot sun.

The secret when buying a condo - about Feng Shui
The foresight of residential district 7 is the romantic Saigon river, ensuring the landscape, absolute feng shui for the house.

With the above note, a good apartment is an apartment with main door room, window facing the good direction, good for homeowners. Avoid apartments in design apartments that create a visual look at each other – called visibility through and penetrating through the wind, not good for basic Feng Shui, but should be arranged to see the landscape outside. This is easy to get to the riverside apartments. The foresight of residential district 7 is the romantic Saigon river, ensuring the landscape, absolute feng shui for the house.

  1. Location and number of floors of the apartment

High rise apartments always receive more light as well as better view, the air circulation inside the house is also better. The apartment should be avoided in front of the elevators, … to ensure that the house is quiet and relaxed, enabling the people living in the house to mix with air and nature more.

  1. Feng shui door and balcony

For apartment buildings, the main door is big, covered. A good door will contribute to the whole house getting plenty of sand.

The secret when buying a condo - about Feng Shui
The direction of the main door is good enough.

Accordingly, the main door of the apartment will contribute to the entire house to receive a lot of gas, which is closely related to each home. Two things need to be considered. If the door is big in the place of failure, the death of the whole apartment is not good. Although the apartment is located in which part of the building is not perfect.

In addition to the main door, all apartments have balconies. This is about contact with nature, sunshine, the wind outside. Therefore, balconies in buildings also play an important role. Many people looking to buy an apartment that requires the direction of the balcony must match with his destiny. However, we should not be so important to this.

For the balcony, we need to note some more points such as avoiding choosing apartments where the main door is directly opposite the balcony door as it will cause energy to remain in the home. In addition, when designing, the owner must try to ensure all spaces are airy, receive natural light. So, it would be good for the health of the landlord.

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