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The Secrets To Buying Apartment Along The West Lake, HaNoi

Hanoi real estate

With the advantage of price, security and many conveniences, Hanoi apartment is the trend of new housing is now selected by many people in the capital.

In this article will focus on the market of apartments along the West Lake, Hanoi as well as sharing the know-how to buy beautiful apartment along the West Lake, comfortable for customers.

Apartments along the West Lake, Hanoi attract customers

With its prime location, infrastructure and transportation, the capital of Ho Tay apartment complex have always had a strong appeal to investors and customers.

According to residents of Hanoi, Ho Tay real estate is like District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City is the area for “rich people” so the apartment items in West Lake are usually high-end projects designed and Built according to international standards. Public utilities, as well as Ho Tay apartment space, promises to bring home the most comfortable and enjoy life.

Hanoi real estate
Apartment in West Lake is currently the real estate hot spot in Hanoi

Some of the hottest West Lake apartment projects are Ecolife Tay Ho, Shunshire Riverside, Lac Hong Lotus, Quang An, Phu My Complex … With prices ranging between VND 24-30 million / sqm, extremely attractive.

According to real estate experts, the apartment project in West Lake has been and will attract customers in the present and future.

The secret to buying apartments in West Lake

According to an analysis of real estate experts, when choosing the floor for the apartment West Lake ideal we should choose the floor from the sixth floor to the eighteenth floor of the apartment. When you choose one of the upper floors you will be able to live in a cleaner environment with no smoke, no noise, and especially your apartment will look better than other floors. What is more wonderful when the afternoon sitting on the apartment balcony watching the sunset on the beautiful West Lake.

In addition, you should avoid buying apartments on too high floors because it will suffer from the heat from the sun over the other floors. Therefore, the temperature in these layers will be higher, causing heat and some other problems. Some condominiums have good air conditioning systems, which will help you avoid these problems, such as those in West Lake apartments.

Hanoi real estate
A West Lake apartment with nice view

For families with young children and the elderly, avoid buying high-rise apartments. Living in high-rise flats makes it easy for older adults and children to overwhelm the body because of lack of oxygen.

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Most of the apartment projects in West Lake have good utility but do not be too subjective to listen to the broker. Take a moment to visit and experience the benefits of the apartment on the West Lake before deciding to buy down the apartment.

Hanoi real estate
Customers may consider carefully before deciding to buy  apartment along the West Lake

In addition, customers can choose the form of design as well as living space suitable for the family to enjoy life. Be consistent with the broker, the owner to get the best deal for you because the benefits in the apartment are not the same if you do not know the requirements.

At present, there are many prestigious apartment projects along the West Lake that many people choose to buy and trust. However, choosing the right apartment for yourself is not a lot of people thinking. Hope that useful information can help you choose the best apartment for yourself and your family.

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