The standard of the apartment, high-end project

In addition to the middle-class housing segment, low-end housing segment, luxury apartment segment is a market where real estate investors pay special attention. So where is the standard for an apartment, the project is called a luxury project?

Investing in real estate for an apartment or project called a high-end property must meet the following basic conditions:

A good location

The position of the property is always considered the most important factor that home buyers or real estate investors decide to choose their destination. And the factors that need to be addressed are the location of the project, the location and the convenience and connectivity of the facilities surrounding the project, the location of the project based on the feng shui.

Jamila Khang Dien District 9

The location of the real estate project is always the most important factor that investors are interested in

Local utility

Utilities are also one of the plus points for high end apartment projects

Utilities are also one of the plus points for high end apartment projects

Internal utility is one of the important factors to evaluate the value of the project. In addition to the basic facilities such as elevator, security, parking … the necessary local amenities include commercial center, area for community activities, gym room, yoga area Children playground and recreation, swimming pool, hanging garden, fountain … are factors to help “point” for the high-end apartment projects.

Apartment design

High-end apartments must have an area of ​​70sqm or more

High-end apartments must have an area of ​​70sqm or more

In the architectural design of high-end apartments there should be a full range of rooms, including a bedroom, living room, dining room, separate kitchen area with living area, toilet. Seniority is required to have an area of ​​70sqmor more and a master bedroom larger than 20sqm must have its own toilet.

Meet the green living environment

Green design is not simply a requirement for urban green spaces, water surfaces, green carpet with high coverage, but in each of the urban buildings of real estate developers when designing are needed. Taking into account factors that use energy saving, efficiency and utilization of renewable energy. High-end apartments are designed to give residents in the urban area a clean, green and balanced life in the midst of a bustling metropolis.

Bring modern lifestyle

The high-end apartments that real estate investors are looking at at projects are not only seen in appearance but also in each apartment and house. There, new smart living solutions bring residents living in that area a lifestyle of civilization and utility. For example, security systems, fire alarms enable accurate, efficient, and in-house appliances are controlled by touch technology, wireless, voice command ….

The project is developed by reputable investors

A high end condominium project should be developed by a reputable real estate investor. A prestigious investor will be ensured timely progress of the project as committed, project quality is guaranteed. And most importantly, a reputable investor will solve the problems arising when apartments and apartments are put into use.

Quality Management Services

Quality management services are one of the distinguishing elements of a high-end and affordable project. High-end apartment projects will ensure the security and professional criteria of utilities and services on management and operation of the building. High-end apartments will also offer reasonable rates of service with quality building management.

High-end apartments will offer management prices consistent with the quality of the building

High-end apartments will offer management prices consistent with the quality of the building


High-end luxury condominium projects will, of course, also have higher prices than other popular condominium projects. On the market today, the price of high-end condominium projects is in the range of VND 30 million / sqm or more.

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