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The Status Of Cheap Student Hostel Rental In Hanoi

Cheap student accommodation rental in Hanoi

Renting a student room in Hanoi is always a hot topic for students and the public. With the increasingly harsh climate of low-cost student accommodation in Hanoi proving the disadvantages as well as the hidden corners behind the brick walls.

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Join us and learn about this alarming situation.

Student accommodation or slums

Speaking of slums, people are reminded of China, the United States or India, but nobody thinks that in the heart of Vietnam slums still exist. The big difference here is that the slums in Vietnam are for the students – the future intellectuals, not the homeless.

Cheap student accommodation rental in Hanoi
The room is patchy, degraded

The torn, shabby, unhygienated student rooms are still available for rent at between VND800,000 and VND1.2 million per room. Many of the motels are wall-to-wall, with cracked roofs, concrete or cemented roofs or jagged cracks. At night the mouse struck the hammock of wire rope, cockroaches raging around the motel room. Many students when asked are not afraid because they are too familiar with this image already. The entrance to the student hostel has no doors, decayed roof …

Cheap student accommodation rental in Hanoi
The road to the lodge is full of thorns

The owners of this model argue that the room is still rented people no one to complain so there is no need to repair. Others say that with cheap student room rent, the utility is just like that in the style of ‘any money’.

Alert the status of cheap student room rent

The reality of most of the low-cost student hostel suites today is that alarming conditions in terms of living standards and basic living needs of students are not adequately and properly addressed.

A poor student can study well once a month spends more than half of his money to rent a room. Half of the remaining money is rice, clothes, books, activities, living expenses. On the other hand, the lack of basic facilities makes their lives so stuffy. Try to ask a person all day anxious, frustrating they can study well or not?

Cheap student accommodation rental in Hanoi
Student room is full of “amenities”

In recent years, global climate has changed, Hanoi suffers winter winters and hotter summer.

In the winter the room cracked cracking cracked the cold wind, the feeling in the street and in the room is equally cold.

The summer heat waves as burning as burning up the motel room size of less than 15m2 are the test of human endurance. Particularly in the heat of record last temperature in Hanoi at up to 45oC, the room cheap student hostel is like the oven bowl.

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The temperature outside the student accommodation area is up to 39 degrees
The temperature outside the student accommodation area is up to 39 degrees

Measures such as covering the quilt on the roof, pouring water on the floor and porch, but no effect. People also measured the temperature in the room and compared with the outdoor temperature but surprisingly results in outdoor temperatures lower than room temperature. Students to avoid sunshine to go to school early or go to the water with modulated to sit all day to “dare” to return.

Cheap student accommodation rental in Hanoi
Many students go to school for sunbathing

In addition, staying in low-rent student accommodation is also a major cause of many respiratory illnesses or digestion of students. Bad health affects directly the learning and the activities of students.

Slums in low-cost student residences are still occurring throughout the country in general and Hanoi in particular. It has caused a great deal of negative impact on the health and well-being of students. Therefore, more than ever, students need the entry of governmental authorities, the greater care of the state and the creation of quality rental accommodation, so that the place of residence are guaranteed more for study and work.

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