The Strength Of Phan Thiet Is From The Projects Of Real Estate Projects

Phan Thiet is one of the attractive places to attract real estate projects. And now the Phan Thiet market is an ideal destination for both domestic and foreign visitors.

As a province known for many famous tourist destinations, Binh Thuan is currently the most popular tourist attraction in the country.

What has the government done to make Phan Thiet become the most attractive tourist destination in the country?

According to the plan approved by the Prime Minister, the government decided to build and develop Binh Thuan to become a center for sea tourism. Along with that, Phan Thiet city will become a national tourism city of national scale.

The development of transport infrastructure is the most important foundation for Phan Thiet to realize its goal. This is also the route which facilitates inter-regional connectivity in a faster and more convenient way.

resort real estate in Phan Thiet

New breakthrough in transport infrastructure in Phan Thiet

New construction is for new development.

The government has approved the construction of Ho Chi Minh City-Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway to shorten the time between Ho Chi Minh City and Phan Thiet just only 3.5 to 4 hours to drive.

Besides, the construction of the Phan Thiet – Mui Ne – Nha Trang Expressway will make Phan Thiet become one of the focal points of the Golden Triangle of Ho Chi Minh City – Phan Thiet – Da Lat – Nha Trang.

resort real estate in Phan Thiet

Dau Giay – Phan Thiet expressway

And as originally planned, in 2018, Phan Thiet Airport will be completed and put into operation to help Phan Thiet become closer not only to domestic visitors but also to frequent international visitors.

Phan Thiet – the focus of resort real estate.

With the current situation of human life, travel is no longer strange. As a result, the number of visitors has increased every year, and that has attracted a large number of real estate projects.

With a location known later, Mui Ne-Phan Thiet has successfully helped Binh Thuan quickly affirm its position on the map of Vietnam and make Phan Thiet become one of the Tourist golden of a quadrilateral.

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Journey drives to the romantic Pegasus.

resort real estate in Phan Thiet

Pegasus Resort is located in the beautiful wilderness of Ham Thuan Nam

This resort is known for its prominent name, following the name of a legendary animal. Pegasus Resort is located in the beautiful wilderness of Ham Thuan Nam, which is famous for its famous Ke Ga lighthouse and the oldest in Vietnam. The Pegasus resort is blessed with green grass and coconut trees, giving you a fresh, cool, private and relaxing space for visitors.

Pegasus resorts are the ancient architectural styles of many cultures. The resort consists of 74 rooms including 19 Villas (2 bedrooms), 35 Bungalows are designed unique but harmonious architecture hidden under the green coconut garden.

All rooms are equipped with advanced facilities and amenities aimed at bringing guests the feeling of being at home. The restaurants and bars of the Pegasus Resort are designed with a unique style and exalted luxury, promise to bring you wonderful holiday in Phan Thiet

Ocean Dunes – satisfy all your needs.

Ocean Dunes project is invested by Rang Dong Group – the leading corporation in the field of infrastructure construction and real estate. As an investor with sufficient economic potential as well as designing and construction capabilities to ensure the best possible implementation of all customers’ interests, Ocean Dunes appears as a castle in the middle of the city center.

resort real estate in Phan Thiet

Beautiful scenery in the coastal city of Phan Thiet

Ocean Dunes is built right in the heart of Phan Thiet city. When the Ocean Dunes seaport project is completed, the Phan Thiet expressway will be put into use together with the completion of Phan Thiet airport, which will create a breakthrough development of Phan Thiet in general and at the same time raising the value of the Ocean Dunes project, a luxury coastal resort town.

Ocean Dunes is a 100% mansion, townhouse, view hotel of a sea with 1.2 km. All of the pavement, marble walkways are paved with luxurious marble Just 3 minutes walk you enjoy the most beautiful beach in the city. You also enjoy the full 5-star standard: restaurant, business center, spa & gym, western neighborhood, swimming pool, landscaping, park, children play area, sports … Modern design, prominent with the large castle in the European architecture, where the organization of national competitions and conferences

Ocean Dunes land is located right in the heart of the coastal city, the Ton Duc Thang the most beautiful coastal Phan Thiet. A location is converged of amenities for a perfect combination of resort and comfort life.

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