The “Taboo” In Feng Shui Housing Should Be Avoided

The mirror opposite to the main door, the bed under the window or the TV set in the bedroom are the taboos that we should avoid in the layout of the house …

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In the design of the house in addition to the interest in beauty and utility, we also need to pay attention to the rules of feng shui housing to have a home of yin-yang balance, full of energy health and fortune for the family.

Based on the principles of feng shui science, here are the taboos in feng shui that we need to avoid.

  1. Mirror is opposite the main door

The living room is the most important room in the house. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the decoration in this room.

Taboo in feng shui housing

 One of the mistakes that people make is to set the mirror opposite the door

Mirrors are opposite the main door, it will generate great devils, not only affect the financial status of family members but also negatively affect health.

However, it is common for families to place fixed mirrors, which are difficult to move, and can only be placed in the center of the mirror and the door of a mirror, mirror cover, or hanging curtain at the main door.

  1. From the main door, you can see through the kitchen

The kitchen is considered as the fortress of the house. If you open the door can see the kitchen, will be able to waste the cost of, have the financial strength is also difficult to keep.

If the family has this feng shui, can hang the curtain in front of the door to cover up, of course, if conditions, it is best to add the door or the screen in the middle to neutralize.

  1. Bathroom and kitchen adjacent

The bath represents the Water element and the kitchen represents the Fire. In the five elements of the corresponding water hydration. So if you go to the bathroom and the kitchen together, it will make a difference in the home that affects family relationships.

With this, the relocation is not possible so it is necessary to add the rust element to neutralize the contrast by using some kind of ornamental plants.

  1. Put your TV in the bedroom

This is a mistake that many households get. Having a television set in your bedroom can disrupt the tranquility of your sleep and your relationship.

Taboo in feng shui housing

Remember, the bedroom is a private, romantic getaway for every person, every couple, so try not to be affected by other objects

  1. To leaking plumbing

Although very few people pay close attention and attention, to your home plumbing leaks without repair immediately, will be a factor in the loss of energy, and health of the family.

Taboo in feng shui housing

If you do not have experience, call the repair team as soon as possible

It is a small matter, but for a long time it will affect the quality of your life and dissipate the positive energy of the house.

  1. The bed is located under the window or opposite the main door

Placing a bed under the window or opposite the main door will make you feel restless and restless when sleeping. This not only affects the health of the employer but also affects the financial situation.

If you make this mistake, sleep should drop the curtains or close the bedroom to reduce the negative impact.

  1. The house is cluttered and overcast

Household items should be kept clean, neat and avoid piling up.

Taboo in feng shui housing

This greatly affects the mentality and spirit of the host. If the house is not well lit, it is best to install lights or other lighting equipment to supplement the room lighting, to enhance the room air

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  1. Leave dead bonsai indoors or outdoors

The most basic concern of the owner of the house is always giving the house a fresh look.

Therefore, pay attention to the plants in your home. Take care of them well, wash dirt, change water and change the flowers regularly. Let flowers, bonsai bring vitality, freshness and lively in the right sense.

Leaving dead trees and wilting in the yard or yard will show the depletion of energy in your home.

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