The Tan Hoang Minh And The French Architectural Project

Hanoi in the mind of many generations is a feeling of peace when observing the ancient features of the luxury French buildings in the green plants, with a green door bearing the nostalgic memories. Someone has said that Hanoi is different because it carries the charms of French architecture. These works are an integral part of Hanoi today.

The dream of living in a French colonial house would have been so much in the heart of many people. A house with the form of French-neoclassical architecture, in it, owns the unique sophistication. In the center of Hanoi, where the buildings of the house are coming together with modern architecture, the area of the lake is narrowed and there is not much space for the residents. If living in the garden space, trees, lawns, water, sunshine, nature … it will be a luxury dream.

French architecture

D ‘. Le Roi Soleil located on the peninsula of Quang An is a work bearing bold French architecture with sophisticated lines, sophisticated.

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However, that dream can still be fulfilled when Hanoi has more and more French-style housing projects built by the prestigious investors. Perhaps referring to the projects built in the neoclassical French architecture, we cannot ignore the projects of the Tan Hoang Minh Group. Right from the moment of stepping into the high-end real estate business, Mr. Do Anh Dung – the Chairman of the Group has always considered that every Tan Hoang Minh’s work will become works of art and architecture and survive with time. To be able to do that, the only architecture that survives for hundreds of thousands of years is the French architecture. With the D ‘. Le Pont D’or; D ‘. Le Roi Soleil; D ‘. El Dorado or Vinhomes D ‘. Palais Louis, the Tan Hoang Minh Group has brought to Ha Noi the works bearing bold French architecture.

French architecture

D ‘. El Dorado is located on Lac Long Quan Street, built in the neoclassical French style that will be offered in October 2017.

When mentioning to the French architecture, we will often think of a living space in harmony with nature, with garden landscaping giving the owner a relaxing moment. Therefore, the projects of Tan Hoang Minh are selected in the places near the lake, the greenery. Make the most of this, the architects have cleverly arranged the rooms to optimize the use area, open space, harmony with nature by the wide glass walls and balcony. Each apartment is a combination of modern and classic, both gentle and romantic, young and delicate.

The French architectural traces of these buildings are also reflected in the fact that the base of the building is covered with all natural stone, exuding pride and durable beauty ahead of time. Along with that is the large, luxurious lobby, decorated with magnificent light and motifs, carvings engraved sophisticated.

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The architecture of the exterior of the buildings is decorated with exquisite reliefs – which are only commonplace in art buildings in Paris, France. With its sharp lines, graceful, natural, the reliefs are considered as the sculptural masterpieces, crystallized by the aesthetic thought and endless inspiration of the artist, contributing to the artistic harmony with human life.

The resonance of the details, cubic architecture quintessence has made a splendid beauty in the neoclassical French architecture of the Tan Hoang Minh Group. As a product of intellectual and cultural depth, these works contribute to the creation of outstanding artistic and architectural values, bringing a sophisticated, subtle life experience for the human.

French architecture

Featured French architecture at D ‘. Le Roi Soleil is displayed through the carved sculpture statues and space landscaped courtyards.

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