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The time limit for issuing construction permits is 63 days

The time limit for issuing construction permits is 63 days

The Prime Minister has issued Directive 08 / CT-TTg on strengthening the implementation of measures to shorten the time of issuing construction permits and related procedures.

Accordingly, the construction design examination and granting of construction permits in 2018 within 63 days, down 19 days compared to the date of procedures according to the World Bank 2017.

At the same time, the Prime Minister also specified the process of granting construction permits, functional agencies reduce at least 5 days of evaluation of basic design; Minimize a minimum of 4 days for the evaluation of the technical design or construction drawing design and to issue a construction permit for a minimum of 10 days.

In cases where these procedures are carried out by the same authority, the time for each procedure to ensure the total reduction time for the three procedures is 19 days.

The time limit for issuing construction permits is 63 days
The time limit for issuing construction permits is 63 days

Notably, for the procedure of connection to power supply, water supply and drainage, the Prime Minister requested to shorten the settlement time from 14 days to 7 days (7 days). Provincial People’s Committee, water supply and drainage companies and power companies shall assume the prime responsibility and direct the accomplishment of this task in 2018.

In addition, the time limit for completing the procedures for land registration, assets attached to land, the granting of land use right certificates, the ownership of houses and other assets attached to land must be reduced from 30 days World Bank (WB) in 2017 to a maximum of 20 days (10 days reduction).

The head of government also asked the authoritie to study, review and propose amendments and supplements to the regulations on project appraisal, construction design, cost estimates and building permits in the Construction Law, decrees and guiding circulars. .

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This review must be conducted in the direction of limiting differences in objects of works or projects subject to evaluation of project designs, construction designs and cost estimates according to the construction law for the project objects or projects. The fire prevention and fighting must be approved in accordance with the law on fire prevention and fighting.

Relevant units shall simplify construction permit dossiers for a number of types of works; To reduce the execution time for the basic design evaluation procedures, to evaluate the technical designs or the construction drawing designs and to grant construction permits at least 19 days as compared to the maximum execution time. These procedures are in accordance with the current law.

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