The trend of HCMC real estate – Studio apartments

In the time to come, the real estate market in HCM City received new forms, imported from the developed countries called studio apartments.

What is Studio apartment?

Studio apartments are a popular form of accommodation in the UK, originally designed to be for rent, usually in the downtown area and for students, They are single between the ages of 18 and 30. Later, this model is becoming more and more commonplace in construction projects, which many people buy to stay. Besides the United Kingdom, there are other countries such as USA, Australia, Singapore …

The studio apartment model is now growing in popularity

The studio apartment model is now growing in popularity

Usually, studio apartments have a maximum area of ​​about 60 – 65sqm, the minimum area is only 25 sqm. The most basic point of this apartment model is that all space is in a space. Apartment is not parted, is a large room, full of functions such as: sleeping, reception, kitchen … and only toilet is lined in a separate corner. It can be said, only when there is no separation into separate spaces is considered studio.

Living in a studio apartment is considered ideal for some. The most advantageous is that you can take whatever you need at hand. In addition, studio apartments also help save more energy such as lighting, heating … cleaning in the apartment model is also easier, much faster. And the biggest advantage is that the price of the apartment will be feasible, suitable for many people. However, the small space also means that the storage of furniture is also very limited.

Studio apartment – a new trend of real estate in HCMC

In Vietnam, some real estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City have had the appearance of a studio apartment. Recently, in Hanoi, there are projects to rekindle these small apartments.

The dining table can be combined into a work desk and the sofa can become a bed in a studio apartment

The dining table can be combined into a work desk and the sofa can become a bed in a studio apartment

According to the designers for the HCM City real estate studio model, small apartments can still be transformed into studio apartments if requested by the owner and consulted. The advice for these spaces is to store your belongings in self-created spaces such as under the bed, under the sofa, etc. Remember to avoid too much substance in the kitchen because of possible fire conditions.

Ideally for this type of apartment is a furniture product that can combine many functions. For example, a sofa can become a bed. Desk can have table, desk, desk to TV …

With small space, the rent is low so everyone is able to own it. Moreover, you can also save a lot of money in the interior.

The main advantages of the studio apartment model, experts said that the introduction of these additional apartments will help investors exploit more efficient projects, increase the choice for customers.

The Lancaster Lincoln apartment project

The Lancaster Lincoln apartment project has 10 floors for this type of apartment

According to Mr. Nguyen Trung Tin – General Director of Trung Thuy Group (TTG Holding): “The design of these apartments need to be carefully calculated. Loft apartments, for example, are moderately sized to meet construction standards, ensuring adequate space in the mezzanine, below for people to live each day without feeling uncomfortable. ”

TTG Holding is also one of the real estate companies in HCMC. HCMC first introduced the Loft apartment market. The project of luxury apartment called Lancaster Lincoln (Nguyen Tat Thanh – District 4) of this business has a total of 40 floors, of which 10 floors are reserved for this type. Loft apartments range from 44.5sqm to 134.1sqm, equivalent to 1 to 4 bedrooms with a ceiling height of about 4m, which can be increased to at least 25% of living space compared to high apartments. Normal 3.2m.

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