The trend of intelligent urban development in the real estate market in HCMC

With the smart urban development project in Ho Chi Minh City has just been received is receiving the attention of many social components, especially professionals, real estate investors in HCM City.

Real estate business misses the race

Not now but from 2008, some Grade A projects have pioneered the use of technology in the management of the house in the direction of intelligence and convenience. However, most real estate investors in Ho Chi Minh City are just stopping to make a difference in the product so that the advantages in the competition and not have a mandatory standards.

Some Grade A projects

Some Grade A projects have pioneered the use of technology in the management of homes in the direction of intelligence and convenience.

In addition, although modern technology brings convenience, not all projects can be applied. Because it depends on the capacity of the management unit, the financial ability of the owner, especially the ability to accept from the customer.

Thus, almost projects in the A-class or luxury segment tend to use more intelligent devices. This is perfectly reasonable because the affordability of customers for high end products is more than ready. With other segments, the owner of real estate in Ho Chi Minh City has also applied the technology, smart devices in management but moderate.

It can be said that in order to have intelligent construction work, there must be synchronization in the stages of ideas, design, and operation. Next, how do your customers understand the meaning and importance of smart elements that they can afford to spend in the process of using.

Even now, the story of building HCM City’s intelligent and intelligent city is still challenging but also showing positive signals by the trend of public use. Industry 4.0 is on the rise, and of course the real estate market in HCMC will not be out of the game.

Construction of innovative urban areas in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is expected to create innovative urban areas in districts 2, 9 and Thu Duc with an area of ​​212 sqkm, with a capacity of about 943,390 people. Up to now, these districts are gathering many utilities, owning the conditions that other districts in HCMC do not have.

In order to develop an innovative urban area, HCMC needs to have a harmonious combination of three pillars: the public sector, the private sector, the university sector and the appropriate mechanisms and policies.

In particular, the public sector, government will play the role of sponsor and development of urban development. Through the planning of urban development, development of urban infrastructure, urban structure, which in the immediate future is the transport infrastructure. Carrying out administrative procedures and procedures according to the one-stop principle, implementing the full authorization regime for cadres and civil servants to meet the requirements of enterprises as quickly as possible.

Real estate market in West HCMC

Ho Chi Minh City is expected to form innovative urban areas in districts including District 2, District 9 and Thu Duc.

The university area is the National University of Ho Chi Minh City together with the universities in the city will be the nucleus of creative knowledge. Accordingly, universities need to have programs and topics to cooperate, plan and link with the private sector, first with industry associations, so that they can connect the region. Innovative knowledge goes hand in hand with the needs of the manufacturing sector.

Finally, the dynamics of the creative urban area and also the main beneficiaries are private enterprises. In particular, there are real estate businesses are investors for projects, works meet the compulsory standards of an innovative urban.

Along with the above pillars, Ho Chi Minh City needs to have policies and mechanisms to facilitate the maximization of knowledge, capacity and capital of the private sector to actively participate in in the process of forming innovative urban areas.

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