The Unique Work With The Name Of The Gold View

What are the features of The Gold View Apartment project in District 4? Why call The Gold View is the unique work?

In modern life today, the more crowded the land is, the more increasing the demand for housing is. In the past, people used the home to live in, but today demand for a house or an apartment is increased more and more. In addition to the requirements for the location, the utility or the price, one more thing that customers are very interested in is the design of the project. A unique, sophisticated and modern apartment will attract the attention of customers.

For The Gold View project, this project has received so much attention not only from the media and investors but also from many customers because of the unique design this project possesses.

How does The Gold View project look like? Let’s find out

How does The Gold View look like?

Designed by talented architects, The Gold View project has a European-inspired design style that is both harmonious with nature and modern in accordance with the needs of all customers.

With the areas ranging from 50sqm to 133sqm, the wide range of from 1 to 3 bedrooms/apartments offers a lot of choices for all customers.

Especially, it must be said that the design is very unique from the types of the apartment project, specifically:

The Gold View 1-Bedroom Apartment – Bringing Comfort to Every Customer

The one-bedroom apartments in The Gold View are designed to range from 50sqm to 63sqm and at present, these apartments have huge demand.

One-bedroom apartments in The Gold View are suitable for young couples, single people or expatriates who come to Vietnam to work and live in an airy and private space.

The living rooms in the one-bedroom apartments are designed and optimized the space smartly. The interior of these apartments is also synchronized and used the well-known furniture brand in the market.

Bedrooms are designed in a modern style with a very intelligent and harmonious interior layout and the very clear view, which will bring a good sleep to all customers.

The Gold View

The Gold View 1 Bedroom Apartment

What about the design of the two-bedroom apartment in The Gold View?

The areas of the two-bedroom apartments in The Gold View are from 66sqm to 94sqm with the price of $86,360, which is extremely reasonable price, right?

The two-bedroom apartments in The Gold View are suitable for families with 3 to 5 members – one of the types of the apartments is received a lot of attention from customers.

For the design of the two-bedroom apartments in The Gold View as one-bedroom apartments, these are very modern, delicate and luxurious, which brings the most comfortable space for all customers.

The Gold View

The Gold View 2 bedroom Apartment

What about the design of the three-bedroom apartments?

This type of apartment has the areas of 95sqm and more, which is suitable for families with many members or generations because of the warmth and comfort that these apartments bring.

On the designs of the bedrooms, the living rooms are also very meticulous, luxury and comfortable design, which brings the most satisfaction for residents.

The Gold View

The Gold View 3 bedroom Apartment

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Unique design on the top floor of The Gold View project

Taking the top floor to build a swimming pool, so it offers you the quality and the comfort. With an extremely large open space, you can enjoy a sense of peace while swimming and resting.

Large, modern and luxurious design, the swimming pool in The Gold View is no worse than any high-end resorts with the best conditions. On the top floor of The Gold View, a swimming pool is designed for each area of varying depths, which will give every resident a variety of choices to ensure the securest level when swimming. Besides, around the swimming pool, there are many tents and the trees, which gives the residents a fresh feeling as comfortable as the real vacation.

In addition to the building of the top floor pool, the apartments are also designed the mini coffee stores. Small bookshelves, along with a system of wooden tables and chairs are very suitable for reading of the future residents. In the space on the 33rd floor here, you can assure the extremely quiet and airy space.

Imagine that you are under the beautiful umbrellas and trees around in the quiet space, it is certainly your great experience, right?

Come to The Gold View to experience a unique, sophisticated and modern work.

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