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The Venica Khang Dien – The Pinnacle Of Comfortable Life

Venica Khang Dien apartment

The Venica Khang Dien villa project – the pinnacle of life is full of utilities. Let’s Real Estate analyze and learn about the utility system at this project.

Have you ever thought that in the middle of the noisy city of Saigon, you will experience a clean living space without dust, no noise pollution and traffic jam? Have you ever imaged that your life will always be full of all the conveniences that surround you but still ensure peace and safety in every sleep?

The Venica Khang Dien project, when completed, will turn all that you think, you want and imagine the truth. At The Venica Khang Dien Project, you will find all that you expect, The Venica is built to serve the needs of the residents. After the articles on location, on the investor, today we invite you to continue to learn about expensive chain of value at The Venica Khang Dien Project. These factors will bring you the pinnacle of life full of utility.

Venica Khang Dien apartment
The ultimate living experience with the convenience chain at The Venica Khang Dien

International standard facilities within The Venica Khang Dien project:

As Khang Dien’s confidential project, The Venica District 9 is now officially full enough to develop into a form, under the hands of long-standing partnerships with Khang Dien in the past. Not discussing the location as well as the living environment, because these factors are so well known and mentioned by many experts in the previous articles, now we will only consider the utility at The Venica Project. So the utility of the project is something special, as attractive and full as many “brothers” ago by Khang Dien development? In this regard, you can rest assured absolute. At The Venica Khang Dien project, all utilities are built to an international standard, is planned to alternate the villas to all residents can easily experience it. You can swim and cool off in the overflowing beach resort pool right inside The Venica. You can also practice your gym, yoga and tennis at the friendly sports club here with friendly neighbors.

Venica Khang Dien apartment
The internationally standard facility within the The Venica Khang Dien project

The wide open BBQ area is also a good gathering place for the members of The Venica to have fun, eat and enjoy life. If you like quiet, you can also I take a walk on the shady streets, or take a stroll along the windswept riverside road to relax my soul, to think leisurely about the wandering of heaven and earth. You can even stay at home and look after your own greens and herbs to relieve stress in work and life. At the villas, the owner will enjoy the delightful garden space right where they live.

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Of course, there is no shortage of shopping centers, convenience stores, restaurants, cafes and other necessities within the grounds of The Venica Khang Dien. So, just living inside the compound, you can comfortably experience all the things you like and relieve the needs you need, without having to move anywhere.

Strategic linkage in The Venica Khang Dien project and a lot of expensive utilities:

Venica Khang Dien apartment
The Venica Khang Dien villa is located in the prime location of District 9

Thanks to its prime location in front of Do Xuan Hop Street and close to Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway, the Venica Khang Dien project owns a regional link system as well as a super-attractive suburban area. Using this strategic alliance, you can move anywhere and enjoy all of the area’s fast-paced amenities. Specifically, it only takes 1 minute to get to Nguyen Duy Trinh, 5 minutes to Mai Chi Tho Avenue, 7 minutes to Thu Thiem New Town Center, 10 minutes to District 1 and 15 minutes to District 7 … So, in a very short time, you are able to connect and experience the complete range of excellence facilities at the locations listed above. It is a chain of prestigious international schools in District 2, high-grade commercial centers of Thu Thiem, and Center District 1 with great shopping, sightseeing … When you live at The Venica Khang Dien Project, all the internal and external facilities are at your fingertips: full, class and modern.

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Perhaps after the above analysis of the utility, you have come to understand more about the great value that Khang Dien owner brought to his latest “baby” – The Venica. Of course there is a lot of such useful information about the project for you, but to find out more and update more information, you should contact us. In addition to the Venica villa, you also can refer to the project’s benefits system. Jamila is also a project of Khang Dien investor in District 9.

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The Venica Khang Dien – The Pinnacle Of Comfortable Life

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