The Vinhomes La Seine Villa – The Green “Lung” Of SaiGon

Nature as the gentle mother always brings life to this earth. For thousands of years we have lived dependently a lot in nature, being close to the “mother” we feel relaxed, peaceful.

Modern life separates people gradually away from nature, so it is important to understand the importance that the buildings today have been paid much attention to nature in order to decorate the projects and bring spiritual fortune, health, money, jobs, the social position for future owners.

Not to be out of expectation, the ecological Vinhomes La Seine villa project has officially launched, which you are looking forward to a long time, a paradise awaits you with the desire to bring comfort for customers,  the investor has designed mostly green colors of nature with the message ‘nature associated with life’. It’s definitely perfect for anyone who has ever come here.

You are having trouble in finding yourself a green space for relaxation, you want to be close to nature, you want to have a fresh atmosphere, want to enjoy the most beautiful nature mother.

Vinhomes La Seine villa project in District 9 Ho Chi Minh City

Vinhomes La Seine brings all your needs. Why is it so magical? We just discover it!

The first thing you are most impressed with this project is the location of the land of coconut forest, palm forest and trees. The land of Vinhomes La Seine is built up by Dong Nai River and Tac River, which is considered the cleanest environment in Saigon today, no factories, no industrial parks, far from the center of Saigon…

With 280 hectares, it is quite large and wide with surrounding rivers and greenery. The trend of today is green and water, a luxurious life that is always oriented towards nature. The Central Park New York in the world is the typical project that Vinhomes Central Park takes the idea of development from this project. Green and water, these are two of the most important factors in an ideal place because the place has green and water utility considered being luxurious and upstream.

The second thing that you should come to Vinhomes La Seine because this is considered the green “lung” of District 9. For thousands of years, this place has brought in a living space, air environment, water environment here considered excellently and evaluated the ideal place of residence today.

The speed of urbanization is fast. Besides the positive aspects of it, it also has many negative aspects affecting your life and your children directly. People have the phrase ‘health is gold’. Having health is going to be all. It is sure to bring you the best feeling.

The remarkable facilities of the Vinhomes La Seine project promise to bring a comfortable life to the owner

The third thing is the subtle design, the rooms are looking out, which creates a large space for the room. After a day of stressful work, everyone would like to have a good sleep to recharge their energy for a hard day and nurture inspiration for a promising tomorrow. When you open your eyes to wake up, watching the sunshine is very interesting.

The fourth thing is the water parks and the VinGroup green park, the light square, the shopping center, the entertainment center. They will portray this land as a prosperous paradise to live and relax, enjoy the true value of life.

You try to imagine, every morning you wake up, you are running around the park, enjoying the view of the fountain, kids playing fun or people with morning exercises, enjoying the water and wind to energize and recharge energy. It’s so fun, right?

Taking 30 minutes each morning to improve health and endurance is good not only physical but also spiritual healthy.

From a far distance, it looks beautiful and vibrant at night with shimmering lights, the villa gradually appeared, the family members are back together. An evening full of nature is just coming.

The last thing is the green space in each corner. Understanding the psychology of customers, Vinhomes La Seine is designed mainstream with the blue color, the blue of hope, development and enduring. The balcony, living room, kitchen, playground, swimming pool… have all the most wonderful of nature because your pleasure is our happiness. A resort paradise is yours. Just come to Vinhomes La Seine to enjoy the most quintessential life!

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