The Way To Choose Wood Furniture For Luxury Home

At present, wooden furniture is the first choice of beautiful home because it brings luxury and gives us the feeling of living close to nature.

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After buying a nice house, the first important thing of the house owner is to decorate the house so that it is shimmering, at the same time harmony with the feng shui elements. In this article, Vietnam Real Estate will guide you in choosing wood furniture – the most commonly used material in the home building.

Choosing the interior wood for the main door and windows

When designing a beautiful home, people are very attentive to the shape, size of the main door as well as windows as it not only protects the house from the sun, rain and storms but also affects the aesthetics as well as the impact. not to feng shui.

Therefore, choose the interior wood for the door first must be durable, less termite and keep the paint color very well. Lim wood is the best candidate for this position.

How to choose wood furniture for luxury home

Doors are a very important element of the house and need to select the wood carefully

Beautiful house with wooden floor

In addition to the front door, wood furniture for the floor is also a special consideration of the beautiful home. Today, the technology of wood flooring has been significantly improved and there are many eye-catching colors, making it easier for homeowners in the selection process.

Wood for flooring needs to ensure that all requirements are consistent, beautiful color, good strength, stable expansion, anti-termite – this means high durability. This is also a good feature of the two types of Cambodian and Chinese wood.

How to choose wood furniture for luxury home

Burmese and Cambodian are very suitable for flooring

Choose beautiful wooden furniture for the room

Beautiful home furnishings are arranged in the rooms are very diverse and rich. Depending on the use of each area, we can choose the appropriate wood furniture.

– Choosing the interior wood for the living room: This is the face of a beautiful house, which is the place to welcome guests to visit the house should arrange the interior to express the aesthetic view and character of the homeowner…

Wood furniture in the living room can choose the type of Xoan peach, American oak, Russian oak, Shabby because they have large and beautiful wood, easily designed into many luxury styles, noble.

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– Choose wood furniture for the bedroom: the bedroom is a getaway after a hard working day, wood furniture here must be the sure, durable and natural scent. In this case, the most suitable type of wood is Fokienia wood, then Black Mun, Striped Mun, Cam lai, Guc dia.

How to choose wood furniture for luxury home

Choosing wood furniture for the bedroom is not too complicated but must be sure and safe

– Choose wooden furniture for the kitchen when buying the beautiful house: This place is often cooked, re-sticky water and oil, so the wood must be durable, waterproof and heat resistant. Accordingly, wood is the most suitable choice.

– Choosing the interior wood for the worship room: The worship room is when the sacred should choose wood should be very careful. The church furniture needs lightweight to hang up high, good elasticity, easy to carved because the altar has a lot of meticulous detail. In the interior wood carvings, wood heartwood and wood jackfruit are used very popular.

Choosing the wrong wood furniture can make the aesthetic element of the beautiful model affected, and also cause the owner to spend a lot of replacement materials after a period of use, so special attention.

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