The Way To Decorate Your Home Bringing Luck

The old year is over, the new year comes when we clean our homes, arrange everything in our house in a decent, clean way to welcome good luck, peace in the house.

Buy more trees

To create a comfortable living space, fresh. Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive decorative items, buy more green trees and not spend too much money to bring back the vitality of your home.

The way to decorate your home bringing luck

Buy some beautiful bonsai plants.

The appearance of a few small pots is the decoration of the apartment, bringing the relaxation, fresh for everyone.

Rearranging objects, furniture

In order to welcome the New Year, the thing that can not be ignored is to clean and rearrange the furniture and interior of the house. First of all, you have to clear up unused objects, rearrange the items in the wrong place, avoid getting messy and disperse the air flow into the house.

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When setting up, you need to keep sharp items, or unnecessary decorations such as animals, spheres, iron balls … These items only add to the cumbersome of your home.

Also, note that bulbs with multiple angles and replace them with other light bulbs, their presence only results in loss of energy in the home.

Placing the flowerpot in the living room

It is no accident that on Tet, the families are displaying the most beautiful flower bouquets, most fresh flowers from outside the gate to the living room.

This is a cultural beauty of Vietnamese people, bring more luck, space living space when the living room is the most important place of the house.

The way to decorate your home bringing luck

When placing flower pots you should place in the southeast direction – the most lucrative attraction in all directions

Therefore, when placing flower pots you should put in the direction of southeast – direction to attract the most fortunate in all directions, helping the whole family meet full fortune.

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Place a tea table parallel to the window

What makes many homeowners a headache when rearranging furniture is the feng shui of the whole apartment, if to wrong a bad location will bring the thing to the whole year.

The way to decorate your home bringing luck

The way to decorate your home bringing luck

However, to help make the New Year full of excitement, to meet more smoothly, good luck in the work, happy in love you can choose to put the sofa facing the door, tea table in the widest window in the living room. This will help your family always happy, meet more success, favorable in the new year.

Put feng shui mascot

Put decorative feng shui as well as help the family prosperity, prosperity in the new year.

Every year will be a different mascot suppressed. In 2017, the feng shui fountain is the chicken. You can choose the chicken mascot, chicken figure to decorate the living room.

This character not only makes the house more beautiful but also helps people reduce the pressure, get more sand gas, bring peace to the family throughout the year.

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