There Are 3 Types Of Real Estate, Investors Are Interested In Today

For investors in the form of small individual, the recent in the real estate market appeared a series of new real estate investment models. They have made them feel very excited and can mention the first three types New investments including condotel, office-tel, and home-tel.

Three types of investment channels quickly attracted the idle cash flow. Nearly two years ago, about 3,000 condotel units were sold in Nha Trang, about 5700 units have been sold in the last nine months in Da Nang; In addition, there are hundreds of apartments are sold in Phu Quoc, Quy Nhon … thousands of office-tel apartments in HCMC. The current home-tel is just beginning to appear.

Because of the new models formed in Vietnam, many people still do not clearly distinguish three types hot investment properties. So how do these three models have common characteristics and different points?

The Condotel is often referred to as a hotel apartment, which resembles a condominium, having its own bedroom, living room, balcony, bathroom and kitchen with self-contained facilities as well as upper-class apartments. In addition to the self-care for themselves and their families in the apartment, they also enjoy the same services as hotel room guests.

3 types of real estate

Hotel apartment (condotel)

Hometel is a hotel apartment model that can be used for condominiums. Home-tel owners are granted a red book for long-term ownership.

3 types of real estate

Apartment home-tel

The office-tel apartment is designed to be a combination of office and hotel. It is very popular in Korea and Singapore. The apartments are usually designed with the moderate area from 30 sqm to 50sqm. They are built in the downtown area to meet the needs of both business and office space.

3 types of real estate


Similar characteristics of condotel and home-tel

These apartments are equipped with high-end self-contained units, other than ordinary apartments are used for booking systems and other hotel services such as swimming pool, spa, gym, restaurant, mail Room Service 24/24 …

Unlike real estate rental houses, homeowners often have to pay for maintenance, repairs, degrades, etc with home-tel and condotel, which is managed by the unit responsible for maintenance to ensure quality 5 stars.

Different characteristics of 3 types of apartment

Location: While condotels are usually built in hotels, resorts (mostly for tourism development) are mostly coastal, home-tel and office-tel are usually located in the center of major cities ( CBD – Central Business District.

The form of ownership: Home-tel owners are granted a red book for long-term ownership. It is common for many condotel projects to be built on land that is licensed to develop tourism (often referred to as tourist land) for a period of 50 years.

Home-tel owners have the right to own apartments for condominiums and condominiums without dividing profits with investors. Condotel operates in the form of timeshare, there must be a unit that manages and operates rental and day-to-day operations of the hotel.

Although the policy of the investor, every year customers receive a portion of the rental interest. Currently, condotel policy dissemination commits to profit from 8 – 12% per year.

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