There Is Lack Of Apartments In Affordable Segment

HCMC real estate market is gradually scarce apartments cost about 1 billion. Some projects have this price has just opened fire has sold.

Pocket money

According to the HCM City Real Estate Association, currently Ho Chi Minh City has nearly 1,100 real estate companies. However, in the segment of affordable housing, few businesses salty. Therefore, when there is open sales project, the liquidity is very high.

For example, in mid-September, Hung Thinh Investment Real Estate Trading Joint Stock Company launched the Moonlight Residences commercial and residential complex at Dang Van Bi street in Thu Duc district. At the price of VND 1.1-1.7 billion / unit, this project attracted a large number of visitors during the opening ceremony of the sample house. The project consists of 38 commercial townhouses and 535 apartments fully integrated with facilities such as swimming pool, green park …

There is lack of apartments in affordable segment

Medium-priced projects have attracted many homebuyers.

Sacomreal offers Carillon products for mid-range customers. Sacomreal has succeeded in this segment through projects Carillon Apartment, Carillon 3 in Tan Binh. The projects in this segment are located in dynamic development areas, existing residential areas, convenient transport networks and affordable prices for middle-income customers.

The price of the apartments at the Carillon Apartment, Carillon 3 project is only VND1 billion, depending on one, two or three bedroom apartments. Sacomreal’s representative said that Carillon is a mid-range product, which is suitable for many customers, so the liquidity is very high. For example, within one month of launching the Carillon 3 project, all apartments are owned.

By the end of this year, Sacomreal will continue to launch Carillon 5 projects with eight apartment houses and 221 apartments in Luy Ban Bich and Tan Phu. Despite the mid-range price, the Carillon 5 converges all amenities for modern living such as commercial, spa, gym, children’s play area.

By the beginning of 2017, Sacomreal will deploy Carillon 6 with 300 apartments, located on Hoa Binh, Tan Phu. Representatives of Sacomreal added that the Carillon line has been handed over on schedule and has no inventory.

There is lack of apartments in affordable segment

The EhomeS project has more than 100 guests booking.

Located near the Phu My Bridge, District 7 Luxcity project costs about 1.4 billion per unit. The project consists of two blocks 19 with 432 apartments and basements to keep traffic between two blocks. On the ground floor will have facilities such as reception hall, gym, nursery, mini supermarket … serve residents. Luxcity project will hand over the house early and will welcome the first residents to welcome home for the year 2010 Dinh Dau.

Luxcity apartment is designed with open space, ventilation and optimal area of use. Each Luxcity apartment uses high-quality materials, fireproof, good insulation; Use environmentally friendly interior paint. Customers who want to buy Luxcity house, just pay 30% of the apartment value will receive housing right in Lunar New Year 2017. The remaining 70% will be supported by banks with preferential interest rates 7. , 7% per year.

Nam Long Group is known as a real estate developer in the affordable housing segment in Vietnam. Especially, the impact of the package of VND30,000 billion is very great for Nam Long products. Up to now, Nam Long has had about 1,250 products purchased from this package.

Finishing the package of VND30 trillion, Nam Long continued to launch Flora Fuji project at an average price of VND1.1 billion. With the cooperation of many banks, customers can choose the appropriate purchase methods such as 80% of the apartment loan with an interest rate of 6.5% per year and stable for three years.

There is lack of apartments in affordable segment

Luxcity apartment is designed with open space, ventilation and optimal area of use.

Flora Fuji is a product of Flora of Nam Long apartment block and is a component of the Fuji Residence residential area of approximately 5.4 hectares in District 9. Flora Fuji consists of 789 apartments with three faces overlooking the Rach River. The. The project will develop separate apartments with full facilities, and security elements are also available on Flora Fuji campus. Currently, this project has sold nearly 300 apartments.

Another project of Nam Long is EhomeS Phu Huu with the price of VND599 million per unit. The project is located in the border area of District 2. EhomeS is a product line developed by Nam Long based on smart design criteria, economical price and civilized community.

Phu Huu EhomeS has an area of 17,795 sqm with 1,384 apartments with full facilities such as open parks, commercial shops, squares, living room community … Each apartment EhomeS has an average area of 40-60 sqm. Currently, there are more than 100 customers booking EhomeS.

Buying to stay

Representatives of Sacomreal said that with a population of up to 13 million people and the influx of immigrants, the demand for affordable housing in HCMC is in short supply. Meanwhile, the real estate market is showing signs of deviation to the luxury apartment segment. Investors “cheat” affordable housing for low profits. Therefore, the market is lacking in mid-range products.

“With Sacomreal, we always look to reduce the cost of profit in return for community service and customer trust that the Carillon line is a testament to. Together with our diversification strategy, Sacomreal will continue to focus on our range of products to meet the needs of our customers.”

There is lack of apartments in affordable segment

All apartments of Carillon 3 are out of stock in a month

Nam Long said that the company’s development goal is to be the pioneer and maintain the position of the best developer of affordable housing in Vietnam. Therefore, the products of Nam Long are always very competitive prices and especially the financial packages to support buyers.

In addition to government support packages, Nam Long also offers the best financial support to its clients. Nam Long has been linked to many banks and has set up a fixed interest rate subsidy package of 6.5% within three years. With this package, customers only need to pay about VND3.5-6.5 million per month to own the apartment of Nam Long.

“Nam Long has cooperated with foreign countries to limit the use of loans for a long time. Nam Long is currently cooperating with two Japanese partners, Nishitetsu and Hankyu Realty Co., Ltd., in developing the projects. In addition to exploiting cheap Japanese capital and low cost, Nam Long also apply the experience of developing markets of the Japanese. This is the right strategy for Nam Long in the future to continue to be a developer of affordable housing, “said Nam Long.

Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of the HCM City Real Estate Association, told reporters that affordable apartments are always well absorbed by the market to meet the real needs of the majority of people… This segment has never been crippled by supply has not met the demand.

“Recently, an average price segment project despite the sale of 500 units but has been clean up in just a few days. This shows that demand for housing in this segment is very high, “Chau said.

There is lack of apartments in affordable segment

Crowded visitors, ordering Moonlight Residences on the opening day of the sample.

Economic expert Nguyen Tri Hieu consulted with people who are preparing to buy houses in the mid-range segment should carefully calculate the financial. In particular, the cost of living in the month should only cover 60% of total income. The remaining 40% is for bank repayments, both principal and interest.

To avoid the possibility of default, homebuyers need to make predictions about earnings as well as future interest rate fluctuations. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account changes in the work, so that the income decreases, leading to the risk of foreclosure. Buyers who want to pay in advance will pay a very heavy interest penalty … Therefore, when buying a home should read the information in the contract.

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