These Projects Have A Luxury Inner Facilities System

Nowadays, utility races are becoming a new weapon in attracting customers of real estate businesses. Series of apartment projects in Ho Chi Minh City such as Vinhomes Central Park, D’Edge, Thao Dien … are integrated investors to dozens of the utility class, creating the quality life for customers… Let Rever explore the projects that own the most common internal utility system in the real estate market in Vietnam today.

The more advanced the project, the more attractive the customer

In the past two years, a number of projects have come up with a variety of attractive engagements. Customers have many options and become the ones who set the criteria when looking to buy an apartment for themselves. One of the top choices of current customers about future apartments are the projects that are invested, focusing on services and utilities serving people.

In assessing this issue, CBRE Vietnam CEO Marc Townsend said that as the market improves, the project grows densely, so the competition is fierce. Every business has the ambition to turn the project into an ideal living paradise with many outstanding facilities. The problem is that utilities must be practical to a large population, sustainable, community-minded and far more devoted to society.

In-class facilities inside

The project has many green areas and inner-class facilities are gradually attracting customers

At present, high-end apartment projects are advertised with typical facilities such as commercial center, swimming pool, common living area, communal house, strict security system, landscape, green trees. … These are relatively basic utility but to “standard” utility is not any project also.

Mr.Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of the HCM City Real Estate Association, said that in the context of the proliferation of real estate projects, combined with the increasingly demanding customers for quality and living space, More money for the construction of utilities, high-class customer service is the right thing to do to attract customers, sell goods. However, there is a long-standing reality that many investors just “explode” without a specific move in investing utilities as “advertised”. Therefore, when buying apartments in projects, customers need to ask the investor to commit in writing or include in the appendix of the contract services and utilities provided by the investor. “The difference in investing in unique real estate services, not only attract customers to buy a house, but also create the brand, class for the project, the investor” Mr. Chau added.

According to the survey, current home buyers are younger, especially young families and young people. The dynamic life of young people and the increasing work requirements make their time fund limited, so when choosing to buy apartments, they require “living, entertainment adjacent.” Living and entertainment adjacent is understood as apartments within the local utility line including modern commercial center, internal park, gym, children’s play area … especially swimming pool.

Apartments that meet the requirements of customers with affordable prices, not too far from the city center will certainly create a great attraction in the market.

These are the projects that are considered to have many inner-class facilities

Thao Dien apartment project (District 2)

You can not do anything

In-class facilities inside

Utility infinity pool at Thao Dien project

The Thao Dien apartment project was designed by a reputable investor from Singapore (Frasers Centrepoint). This is a high-end apartment project that owns more than 40 internally built facilities built internationally with 32 floors and 7 floors. The architectural floors are calculated to bring many conveniences to customers such as commercial center, shophouse, parking area, pool facilities, aerial gadgets …

Kenton Node Apartments (District 7)

In-class facilities inside

Outdoor play area at Kenton Node

Not only owning international standard facilities catering to the needs of the resident community, but Kenton Node also having green facilities with the desire to protect the living environment of the city’s residents and residents. Some of Kenton Node’s outstanding local amenities include Riverfront Theme Parks, International Schools, International Hospitals, Outdoor Stage, Offices for Rent, 5 stars Hotels, Park area, shopping mall, …

Raemian City apartment project (District 2)

In-class facilities inside

Outdoor sports area at the Raemian City project

The Raemian City apartment project enjoys prime location right in the heart of District 2. The Raemian City is well-designed and designed to meet the needs of today’s apartment owners, Children, desire to settle, stable for a long time. The prominent facilities at the Raemian City project include internal clinics, primary schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, commercial centers, parks, spas, gyms, swimming pools, hotels – offices …

D’Edge Thao Dien apartment project (District 2)

In-class facilities inside

Swimming pool at the D’Edge Thao Dien project

D ‘Edge Thao Dien apartment project – formerly known as Sensation project, is a complex of busy commercial centers, high-end apartments and all self-contained public services such as: swimming pool Beautiful green parks, green parks, outdoor recreation areas, sports centers, … to meet all the needs of customers.

Vinhomes Golden River Ba Son (District 1)

The golden river

In-class facilities inside

Perspective of prominent utility at Vinhomes Golden River project

Vinh Son Ba Ria – Vung Tau urban area is invested in infrastructure facilities such as sports complex, swimming pool, children playground, intelligent car tunnel, luxury Lounge Lounge. , Club-House 5 stars, high-quality education system and medical level … Camera 24/24, the modern facilities and upper-class are  applied for this project to ensure the safety of customers and

Apartment project Vinhomes Central Park (Binh Thanh District)

Built as a miniature, isolated and high-rise city, Vinhomes Central Park creates a new look for downtown Ho Chi Minh City, setting a distinct standard of living for urban residents…

In-class facilities inside

Park with total area of 14ha is the attractive factor that customers choose to live in Vinhomes Central Park

At Vinhomes Central Park, Vingroup’s investor has invested 59,000sq.m to build Vincom Center’s high-end shopping mall within the inner city of the project, including an amusement and entertainment complex, a shopping mall, In addition, the project also plans to build other complex facilities such as sports area, playground for children, swimming pool, hospital Vinmec international multicultural school, car tunnel, international school 1, 2, 3 Vinschool class international, Club House international standards 5 star, BBQ garden, walking street, shopping street, flower garden Small landscape, 5 star marina …. Besides, the presence of the park of nearly 14 hectares creates fresh space and ideal living environment for residents.

Master An Phu Project (District 2)

You can also study well

In-class facilities inside

Five-star swimming pool at Masteri An Phu

Designed to meet most of the essential needs of residents here, Thao Dien Investment owner has equipped Masteri An Phu project full of facilities such as swimming pool, walking park, Kindergarten, children’s play area, community living room, gym …

Lexington Residence (District 2)

In-class facilities inside

Children’s play area at Lexington Residence

Lexington Residence apartments are designed with modern amenities that the owner wants to bring residents here. The Lexington apartment provides residents with all amenities that meet the needs of residents such as shopping malls, overflowing pools, gyms, restaurants, supermarkets and especially the benefit of public parks. City Horse 7ha.

Jamila Khang Dien Project (District 9)

In-class facilities inside

The perspective of the pool at the Jamila Khang Dien project

Jamila project owned by Khang Dien as investors are attracting many investors as well as many customers who want to buy luxury apartments. One of the major advantages this project possesses is the high-end, luxury and high-end interior and exterior amenities that cater to all living needs of the residents.

The prominent interior facilities at Jamila Khang Dien include 852sqm pool area, green park, outdoor play area, standard kindergarten system, shopping mall, yoga room Spa, …

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