Things To Know About First Home Khang Viet Apartment District 9

First Home Khang Viet Apartment District 9 is a new apartment in the Phu Huu area is changing. First Home District 9 apartment project will be a good place for your family when your finances are only 700 million.

The strengths of First Home Khang Viet:

+ Location and transportation infrastructure: First Home is located at the corner of Vanh Dai Trong and Lien Phuong Streets, just 500m from HCM City – Dau Giay Expressway. The area has a rapidly developing transportation infrastructure in the past 1.5 years, with two major roads forming the inner belt and the expressway.

+ Vanh Dai Trong Road has a direction to connect the Phu My Bridge right through Phu My Hung in less than 10 minutes and another direction of the Vanh Dai is being rushed construction and in 2016, it will pass the Thu Duc crossroad.

First Home Khang Viet Apartment

Convenient transportation location specializing in central districts such as District 1, 2.7, Tan Son Nhat Airport, Long Thanh Airport

+ Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway is now officially connected to Mai Chi Tho to Thu Thiem tunnel, if you have a car, going to center of District 2 and District 1, Binh Thanh only cost about 5 minutes without worry of traffic jams.

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+ In addition, the area also has three key routes are being rushed construction is the route D2 ultra-high running from the High-Tech Zone cut the Vanh Dai, Do Xuan Hop Road to Xa Lo is expanding and expressway parallel to central District 2 is also being rushed construction.

Currently, if you live in First Home Khang Viet apartment, less than 5-10 minutes to reach the key areas such as high-tech zone, Phu My Hung, Thu Thiem urban area, the center District 1, Binh Thanh.

+ Get high knowledge flow from hi-tech zones:

With the planning of the district-oriented city to become a center for human resource development and high technology, mainly concentrated in the high-tech zone. Recently, Samsung factory officially started its factory in District 9 with a total capital of USD $ 1.4 billion, called the Samsung CE Complex (SECC) will be operational in the second quarter of 2016.

The change in planning orientation and the present has attracted many great men in District 9. This will entail the migration of a high intellectual success to District 9 in the near future. High-income populations who come here will bring rapid community service to serve this growing class of people.

Thanks to the fast growing transportation infrastructure, many high-end luxury townhome and apartment projects have been successfully launched. Many investors are quick to own real estate products to wait for the next year market.

Weaknesses of First Home:

First Home Khang Viet Apartment

Full facilities system of Firsthome in District 9

+ This area is not very popular yet, so the public service has not yet arrived, however, the picture of the area after 2 years will be different and it is also the time when First Home apartments are home to residents.

+ The Vanh Dai Trong will later have Container transport but this is a large route so it will be quite safe. In addition, the First Home project is located on the front of the Lien Phuong Street so you can move towards this way to parallel or Do Xuan Hop.

+ First Home is currently building block 1 and block 2.

Opportunity to buy First Home District 9:

First Home Khang Viet Apartment

Luxurious apartment design of First home apartment

+ Potential of the area and First Home Khang Viet project is very large, this product can both invest after the completion of selling profitability with this product line after 2 years will be quite good. In addition, it is possible to use rental operators, who are engineers in high industrial zones.

+ Development opportunities of District 9 thanks to District 2 are flared up violently after a long quiet time. Water on the boat up, District 2 has increased quite strong and the trend is increasing so this time you buy apartments or land in District 9 is reasonable.

+ If you buy to live with the finances from only USD $ 31800 you will own a beautiful house in an area that will change in the next 2 years.

Risks when buying a home in District 9

District 9 market has a long time been standing and now just revived, but still quite weak and fragile. The continuous development of townhouses is likely to lead to more supply, but with the flat you can be rest assured that the supply of this product line is quite modest.

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Overview of First Home Khang Viet Apartment District 9

First Home Khang Viet Apartment

In-house full facility system at the project

+ First Home Size and Overview District 9:

  • Scale: 18.333sqm
  • Building density: 41%.
  • Number of apartments: More than 1000 apartments.
  • Handover: August 2017
  • Owner: National Housing Organization N.H.O.
  • Contractor: Handong Company, Korea.
  • Construction Supervisor: Shin Yeong, Korea.

+ First Home Khang Viet apartment location: Right at the turn of Lien Phuong and Vanh Dai Trong, next to the luxury residential areas such as Mega, Villa Park, Lucasta, Melosa Garden…

  • 5 minutes to District 2, Thu Thiem urban area.
  • 10 minutes to Phu My Hung, District 1, Binh Thanh.

+ First Home District 9 facilities: First Home apartment has an extremely complete system of utilities, completely comparable to the middle and high-end apartments in District 2. Your family will enjoy a comfortable life with a wide range of local amenities such as Swimming Pool, Mini Trade Center, Gym, Spa, Restaurant, Coffee, Children’s play area.

Design of First Home Khang Viet apartment

First Home Khang Viet apartment is slightly Korean in apartment design. Most First Home apartments have a small area of 50sqm on average but with the hands of talented Korean architects, First Home District 9 apartments look quite large thanks to the design optimality, using multiple corners in the house.

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